Worst salon, EVER!! It looked so perfect but it was NOT what I thought!

OMG had I known what I know now, I would NEVER have worked there!!

Avoid bad salon jobs with our helpful tips and advice. Learn how to ask the right questions, and how to find a great salon job.

Is this you? MOST salon, spa and barber pros have had a few positions that let’s say, just HAVEN’T worked out. Feedback we get from stylists, barbers, nail techs, estheticians and massage therapists:

 1. What I saw on social media was NOT reality.

2. The owner wasn’t clear on what they expected of me.

3. I wasn’t given the opportunity to discuss my needs, I didn’t feel like I was heard.

4. I didn’t feel valued or appreciated.

5. The support I needed to grow was just not there.

6. I was expected to do things that were never covered in the interview and onboarding process.

7. My career goals were never going to be met or respected by my employer.

8. I needed more freedom in my job.

The list goes on and on…

That great opportunity didn't feel so good.
When you understand what YOU want, need and prefer, you can choose wisely.

The owner could be the one to blame, but you may be at fault too.

Understanding WHAT the heck you are getting into is the responsibility on BOTH sides of hiring. It is super hard to know how jobs or booth rental positions fit with your personality and success needs.

Salons, spas and barbershops are literally on every corner, all with different offerings and personalities. We are easily drawn in by great social media, excellent branding, location and promises made by owners. It can take YEARS to figure out-this isn’t a good fit for me.

So, how DO you know if the opportunity you are considering is a great match, or should be passed over?

Becoming self aware in your journey to career happiness is key to finding that great fit. What do YOU want, need and prefer in a job or booth rental opportunity? Get SUPER CLEAR on what makes YOU happy…

Do you need to build clients? What kind of ongoing education do you want to have access to? Do things like parking or size matter to you?

Make a list of your non-negotiables and work from there. Come ready to interview with these must-ask questions for owners- INTERVIEW OWNERS


Maximize happiness and uncover the truth before you go on the hunt!

Now you’ve got the must have interview questions and your negotiables in mind when envisioning your perfect match.  The more clear about what happiness means to you, the easier it will be to find your match.

What about owners? Sometimes they aren’t clear about what they offer.

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. As frustrating as it sounds, there is a solution to getting to the bottom of what an opportunity means for you. Here is how to get the information you need from owners, every time you find an opportunity that you are curious about:

2. Grab your personal link or QR code from your Dashboard and share it as your application to ANY salon, spa or barbershop.
3. Review and screen your opportunities and pick only the ones that align with YOU!!
Never settle for less than a great fit for your wants and needs again with Enlightened Hire!
Get what you want, out of your career with Enlightened Hire!