Salon Suite Checklist: Your Guide to Open a Salon Suite

Salon Suite Checklist: Your Guide to Open a Salon Suite

Hey there, beauty pro! If questions about the salon suite life are on your mind, we have answers. Get the salon suite checklist and open your suite, totally prepared!

What’s a Salon Suite? Here’s Why You Should Consider It

A salon suite is a room in a salon you rent to work in. There are all kinds of different salon suites out there, from large corporate owned suites like Sola to individually owned suites.

Every salon suite offers different things. Some will help with marketing and supply salon furniture, while others provide only a shampoo system and sink.

Create Your Criteria: What Details You Should Consider

The details you need to consider when choosing a suite are:

  • Can you afford to a salon studio? Calculate salon suite cost with this calculator to find out.

  • What are the most ideal locations for you to work? Most of the time a salon suite close to your client base is the best.

  • Lease negotiations. Signing a salon suite agreement is a commitment! Understand what you are getting into before you sign.

  • Buying salon supplies for your all in one unit. Estimate what you will need and the cost of doing business in your new salon environment.

  • Moving in. Will you have time to get inspected and start working in a reasonable timeframe?

  • Staying profitable. Getting the support needed for growing as salon suite renters can be challenging. Search for salon mentors and coaches when you have settled in!

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How To Find Salon Suites for Rent?

Finding salon suites to rent can be challenging when suites are full. Start by using Google in your local area, and check salon suite listings on websites like Salonspa Connection.

What Are Salon Suite Rental Prices?

Salon suite rental prices are the fee you pay to the owner to lease a suite. Cost varies widely based on the area suites are located in, amenities and how big the suite is.

Expect to pay between $200 per week up to $2,000 per week, depending on the individual salon. Use a salon suite checklist to track pricing in your area..

Breaking Down the Basics Behind Renting Your Own Salon Suite

Your own salon suite checklist is used to decide if a personal room to perform services, designed for independent beauty professionals. It is exactly like renting a chair or a booth at a salon, but in a private setting.

In a suite you are 100% responsible for buying supplies, utilizing storage space, laundry and client relations. Think of it like having your own mini salon to do as you please.

A salon suite is not limited to one person, unless this is the arrangement you prefer. You can have part time suite mates, lease a double suite or assume a salon suite with more than one chair.

If you need help, a great idea is to mentor a newer stylist. Hire an independent hairstylist’s personal assistant to do shampoos and help them learn!

If you have an established client base, predictable income and you can manage running a small business, you may love having your own salon suite!

Salon Suite Lease Term Agreements

Once you choose a salon suite to work in, go over the lease agreement. If you are an owner and you need a some guidance on a salon suite lease agreement, we have several templates in this blog.

We suggest signing no more than a 2 year agreement. Salon suite owners will entice you to sign a longer lease by offering cheaper rent and additional amenities.

By signing a lease longer than 2 years you are putting yourself at risk for conflict, should something happen that makes it difficult to fulfill the lease terms. Bear in mind that many things happen with work and life in a year and sign a lease according to your comfort level of commitment.

What Are The Running Costs Of A Salon Suite?

The running costs after the initial move in expenses can vary depending on your own salon suite. Once you are up and running, you can get laundry service and other wonderful business services.

Write a salon business plan to get off on the right track!

Don’t worry about having the perfect broom to sweep hair or retail shelving built to a be the ultimate space saving options. As you make money, you can buy better shampoo chairs or cabinet sets. Buy just what you need to reduce start up costs.

Start up salon suite costs will include things like:

Depending on the situation you are in before getting into a suite, start up costs will vary. If you are already a booth renter in an open concept salon, you will have less to buy.

Start up cost varies between $1,000 and $6,000, depending on what you need to buy. You can get away with spending less if you don’t go overboard and full throttle with the most popular interior design styles.

Utilize this salon suite checklist to stay within a budget.

If you are coming out of employment in a salon, spa or barber shop your expenses will be higher. When your budget is tight, choose a salon studio that has equipment such as a styling chair, brookhaven ii styling station and mirror.

If you move into a suite with the most popular styling chairs, you are in luck! Focus on getting the essentials before worrying about personal style.

Ongoing Expenses: Salon Suite Checklist

Ongoing expenses when you own business in salon suites: rent, insurance, marketing, taxes, product and retail costs, Salon Software and Accounting Software. You will also have variable expenses such as licences, laundry supplies, accounting, cleaning supplies and new equipment.

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Salon Suite Checklist Supplies List

Now that you have started the ultimate salon studio experience, it’s time to get ready! What you need to buy will vary based on the salon suites you chose.

Bear in mind, as much surface area as you think you may have, it fills up fast. Utilize the space efficiently- chunky styling chairs take up space, think. Stay organized and conserve more space with a tower station and color organizers that provide storage underneath.

Bear your square footage in mind when shopping, small spaces fill up fast with too much stuff! One of the best resources for start up kits is Sam Villa, they offer top quality products for hair stylists getting into salon suites!

  1. Styling chairs

  2. Styling tools, hair cutting tools, hair color and color racks stacked for efficiency

  3. Cape edge, shampoo capes and color capes

  4. Stylist Apron

  5. Salon seating if you would like additional places for clients to sit or process in your suite

  6. Child booster seat (if you serve children)
  7. Color processor

  8. Color tray
  9. Cutting stool

  10. Rubber floor mat to decrease wear and tear on your body

  11. Traditional cotton towels or microfiber towels

  12. Salon wall and handheld mirrors

  13. Generic cabinet storage if what the owner provides isn’t enough. You will need ample storage space!

  14. Retail display

  15. Rest for neck creating more comfort

Cleaning Supplies & Salon Microfiber Towels

Even a small salon gets dirty! Salon cleanliness, salon sanitation, keeping your styling tools compliant and cleanliness are a big part of a successful beauty industry business.

  1. Barbicide

  2. Hair product grime remover

  3. Small vacuum to get hair out of nooks and crannies

  4. General cleaning supplies kit

  5. Kleenex

  6. Small fridge for beverages and your lunch

  7. Client refreshments, snacks or candy for the kiddos

  8. Broom to sweep the floors hair mess

  9. Uv sanitizer purchased used- new ones aren’t necessary, save salons money and buy used

Salon Suite Layouts: Styling Stations

An ideal styling station is one that is comfortable for both you and your client. Don’t get caught up in a pretty, non-practical vanity style station. They can be more of a pain than useful!

Salon suite designs almost always include a shampoo system footprint. Styling stations that have a table in front and your essential tool storage close by are the more modern look in today’s salon studio.

It’s just a matter for what looks and feels best to you and what the suite owner provides.

Studio Decorating Ideas For Your Salon Suite

Once your styling station is set, you are ready to decorate! Decor is such a personal choice. Think about your clients and what they will feel most comfortable in.

Four salon suite layouts

Which layout works best for you? Having the choice of a salo studio layout is great, check out these examples to decide what works best for you.

Retail Displays

When choosing a retail display, think out of the box! An expensive floating retail shelving unit may be a bit out of your budget when starting up.

ANY shelving, whether it is a floor unit shelves attached to the wall is great when starting out. You can always upgrade your salon retail display, once you have worked in your suite and can assess how much space is needed to sell retail.

View luxury shampoo system

Shampoo Systems

Having an all in one shampoo system is wonderful to save space and make life easier. Styles like avant shampoo system is one of the displays minerva beauty offers and is a favorite among salon suite stylists!

Styling Chairs

A styling chair comes with a salon suite, depending on which company you choose. For suites that do not include a styling chair, you will need to buy one.

Part of a thriving hairdressing business is having a styling chair you are comfortable with and that serves your needs. Visit Minerva beauty or our list below to browse the best styling chairs!

Do you mix color at your station, or is there another area you use to mix color?

Clients generally love to watch you mix their color. There is always the select few that ask too many questions about their formula or your process.

When choosing a salon layout, think through whether allowing clients to see you mix color is a good idea, or not! Consider investing in a floating color holder to free up space in salon suite checklist.

Will your space allow a deep station, or do you need something more narrow?

Booking time in between clients can be challenging when we are new to salon studio rental. Products like a chastain styling station vary widely in countertop space.

Make sure to choose a salon set up that gives you enough space and build in time to clean up between clients!

Do you want your shampoo system to be an all-in-one, or do you prefer separate pieces for flexibility in moving things around?

Deciding which studio on your salon suite checklist works best for you will determine how flexible your space is. Consider flexibility when choosing a salon suite to rent!

Is your salon space very small, or pretty large?

Stylists tend to fill every corner of a salon suite! Even large suites can feel cramped.

Think space saving when choosing storage for you suite, regardless of the size.

Super Tight On Salon Suite Space?

Maximize your salon suite with our space saving ideas, below!

Have Enough Room, But Need More Hidden Storage?

Hidden storage gives you a ton more room. Browse our hidden storage ideas, below!

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