Building Hair Clientele Expert

Building Hair Clientele Expert

Building Hair Clientele Expert

Building Hair Clientele Expert- Fill Your Books- Jenna Puzio

ABOUT: Fill Your Books is the building hair clientele expert in the salon industry. Perfect for any stage in your hair career, we give hair and beauty professionals a sustainable and predictable process for growing their business.  We don’t believe in short-lasted trends or shiny objects, our goal is to help you add skills to your tool belt that you can use for the next 10-20+ years.

How to build salon clientele fast- The Fill Your Books platform was founded on one simple premise, and that is growth. Growing is one of the most unique elements in life and business, it forces us to leave an old version of ourselves in the past while embracing the challenges that come with our new self. In order to grow you must step out of your comfort zone, and that is how Fill Your Books started.

Specialties: Support, Community, Education, Mentorship, Mindset, Business Building

We work with: All hairstylists and salon owners who are seeking a building hair clientele expert

Brand Affiliation: No

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