Selling Your Salon Business: How to Prepare and Exit Salon Ownership Seminar

Selling Your Salon Business: How to Prepare and Exit Salon Ownership Seminar

Need help to understand how selling your salon business works? This 45 minute exit preparation strategy session provides a better understanding in the sale of salon industry businesses.

Get the most from your hard work with top expert advice from the leader in salon industry businesses for sale! Learn about the strategies you need to successfully exit salon business ownership, right here!

Listen to our replay of the June, 2023 Salon & Spa owners meetup about exit strategy and what to expect when selling your business.

Due to high demand, we have added a traditional broker option since recording this video, inquire about our consulting & broker services, here.

How to Prepare and Exit Salon Industry Ownership

Ready to sell your salon or just thinking about how to navigate this challenge?

When is the right time to start selling a salon business?

Understanding the value and how to best position your salon industry business is the first step to selling. There are many options to sell a salon business out there, but this seminar is the ONLY exit strategy information specific to the salon, spa and barber industry.

In this seminar for salon, spa and barbershop owners you will learn everything you need to know about how to sell your salon and get ready for a successful sale of your salon industry business.

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Hear from the leading expert in selling salons, Susan Wos, owner of Salonspa Connection, the only salon industry specific platform that successfully connects sellers to a host of potential buyers.

You will learn:

How much should I sell my salon for?

Get the details on a fair selling price and how to best position the business to potential buyers.

How to prepare yourself and the salon business for the sale.

What needs to be done to sell? Learn how to talk with staff, loose ends that need shoring up and what to do for your business to maximize the sales price.

How to valuate your business of any shape or size.

Find out where the value lies in your salon, spa or barber shop. Learn what buyers are willing to pay for, and what assets to focus on that will add to a higher sales price.

What to expect when you sell your salon.

Selling can be a stressful and confusing time. Prepare yourself for what can happen during a sale and cope ahead to prevent problems with the sale.

The difference between a private or a public sale.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of being open to the public when selling your salon business? Why a private sale protects your business and how public sales work for certain owners.

How long does it take to sell a salon business?

Get tips on the salon business buyer’s market to predict the amount of time it will take to sell.

Where do I go to sell?

Learn the difference between hiring a business broker, selling your salon business on your own or using a service like Salonspa Connection.

Tips on selling a beauty salon.

There is truly a finesse to selling salon businesses! Find out how marketing and positioning your business works in selling a beauty salon business.

And much, much more!

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Salonspa Connection stands out as the most trusted resource for selling a salon due to its unparalleled commitment to reliability and professionalism. With a proven track record and years of industry experience, Salonspa Connection has earned the trust of salon owners across the globe. We provide comprehensive support throughout the selling journey, ensuring a smooth transition for both sellers and buyers. Trust, transparency, and a deep understanding of the industry and salon business make Salonspa Connection the ultimate choice for those seeking a reliable platform to sell their salon. Free quotes provided for all salon industry businesses.

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