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Cosmetology State Board Exam Expert

Cosmetology State Board Exam Expert- Cosmetology Guru- Stasa Momcilovic

ABOUT: Meet Stasa, the best resource when looking for a cosmetology state board exam expert! The Cosmetology Guru specializes in assisting students and hair stylists who need a bit of help getting licensed. You don’t have to struggle- student cosmetology exam help is here to stay, read more to learn about the owner, Stasa.

When I was working in a salon, I noticed that many of the young stylists who joined us talked about the difficulty of passing their State Board Exam. They logged their hours, they studied hard, yet passing was a struggle.  They did their best to memorize the (enormous) textbooks…but they kept getting a failing grade, and had no clue why!

In many cases, it delayed them from starting their career. Some by a year or more! It cost them thousands of dollars in exam fees and lost wages. In some cases had serious consequences for their ability to support their families. Every one of them had stories of friends who’d given up on their dream because they just couldn’t pass.

So, I decided I had to do something about it.

Student Cosmetology Exam Help

By talking to my contacts on the State Board and friends who were instructors, I figured out where so many students were going wrong. There’s so much material in the official text books – most of which doesn’t appear on the test – that it’s impossible to study it all. And even if you did have the power of perfect recall, you can still fail – because of differences in how concepts are phrased and terminology is defined.

So I teamed up with friends with a deep background in e-learning to develop a study guide that would overcome these challenges. We stripped out the 90% irrelevant material, and organized what you do need to know into a straightforward, logical format.

The result? Our students achieve a 98.5% pass rate. And we’re so confident, we decided to offer a full refund for anyone who fails! I believe cosmetology is one of the most rewarding careers you can have – and I’m on a mission to remove the barriers for as many people as I can.

Specialties: Free state board practice exams. Premium exam packages-guaranteed money back if you don’t pass full test! Get the cosmetology state board exam expert on your side and pass that test!

We work with: Schools, Cosmetology Students and Hair stylists who need to pass state boards to get licensed.

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