Salon Staff Recruitment Program

Salon Staff Recruitment Program

Salon Staff Recruitment Program

Salon Staff Recruitment Program- Stef Fox

ABOUT: Talent Match is not just a salon staff recruitment program, we teach owners how to recruit! If you’ve been feeling like it’s impossible to find new staff, you are not alone. Or like the schools just don’t seem to work for you, or if you find yourself feeling frustrated, we can help!  Being held hostage by stylists on your team that you know you should let go is a common theme amongst salon owners. You want to hire, but you have no new talent to replace them. This is our why! Our community is where you can connect with other salon leaders, just like you. These owners have changed recruiting stresses just like these for themselves.

Talent Match exists to help you with team building.  Team building is both finding and hiring team and ensuring you have the skills and processes in place to retain the team you have.

About the Founder- Stef Fox

Stef Fox’s career in the professional beauty industry has led me to wear many hats. Her journey includes roles as a business leader, entrepreneur, executive, thought leader, keynote speaker, and team-building guru.  As a salon owner herself, Stefanie’s process has been used in her own business and proven over and over again with clients. The data doesn’t lie and our team building solutions are based on information directly from our talent base.

The number one thing today’s talent says they care about is a team that feels like a family. It can be overwhelming it can feel to try and figure out if someone is the right fit for your brand. This is because it’s just as overwhelming for them to try and determine if you’re the right “family fit” as a salon.

Specialties: Salon staff recruitment programs, coaching, bootcamps and a crash course.

We work with: Employee Based- Commission, Hourly and Team Based Salon & Spa Owners

Brand Affiliation: Yes

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