Meet Lindsay Marchand

Meet Lindsay Marchand | Salonspa Connection Social & Brand Manager

salonspa connection social media manager

Meet Lindsay Marchand!

Hi there! My name is Lindsay Marchand and I work as the Social Media and Brand Coordinator/Manager for Salonspa Connection and Enlightened Hire. I met the founder, Susan Wos back in 2021, still a college student. 

Susan took a chance on me and hired me as an intern to bring strategy and growth to her company’s social media. Through this experience, I have gained knowledge in so many areas within the beauty industry and truly believe I am an expert on social media in the salon industry.

Beyond management, I have grown to be a coach for others. In February 2023 I had the honor to host my first-ever in-person Social Media Course for Stylists. Being able to take everything I’ve learned and create a course to share with owners and professionals was a dream.

Why I love Salonspa Connection

I love working with this company because Susan has always supported me and given me complete autonomy to grow as a professional, and individual as well.

Being able to contribute to the growth of Salonspa Connection from the ground level has been amazing to watch. Over the last few years, we have curated a community and brand personality for this company, and been able to further extend our efforts to other companies as well. Being someone who was not originally part of the beauty industry, it was interesting to step into this space. I quickly realized that there’s a huge opportunity gap in the industry that can seamlessly be filled by the presence of social media.

I grow salon spa social media

A lot of salon spa social media bottlenecks for owners and pros are that they simply don’t know how to create a strong online presence. My goal as a professional is to help as many beauty industry owners and pros feel confident in their business when it comes to a strategic social media marketing plan.

I am so thankful for the work I’ve been able to do, and I can’t wait to see how I can continue to connect with each of you to maximize your digital community!

I am always looking to help salon owners and hair stylists improve and grow their social media and brand!

Get in touch with me on Instagram or LinkedIn to see how we may be able to work together!