Challenges, Growth and Change: Revelations From Our Owner


Late winter of 2020 we were faced with the kind of problem we’ve dreamed of having.

With over 250 employers, 300+ open positions throughout Kansas City and the inability to keep up with all of this with our current technology, we were forced to grow. 18 months after the first post (and attempt at stirring up interest) under “Salon Employment Matchmaker”, we found ourselves effectively positioned as THE go-to for employment resources in the area.

Salonspa Connection’s owner, Susan, yours truly, was spending most of my days totally overwhelmed with the niche demand I created. I was literally NEVER out of things to do and prior to mid- March had no real work life balance. Then Covid hit and our world changed. I was forced to sit it out and care for myself, create stability and balance amongst global turmoil. No one was looking for jobs, hell, no one in the industry was even working. Time to step back, reset, relax, appreciate today and good health.

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I attempted to write a blog post about the goings on with Covid, at least 15 times.

I tried to keep it light, funny and insightful but it would go left, every time. Watching my friends, my family and clients in my industry suffer, was just too much. I didn’t WANT to lament on what was happening. I watched in horror as we publicly tore each other apart on even the smallest issues and were struggling to get back to earning income to provide for our needs. The only solace I took away is that we are all in this together, and that someday we would return to a sense of “normal”.

The need to connect our industry has never been clearer after the coronavirus shut down. There has never been more polarizing chaos, change and movement in our industry. Our fragmented community is crying for help and connection. We NEED support and the ability to find resources, now more than ever.

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The last two years of my life have been nothing short of unbelievable, personally and professionally.

October 2018 this venture began as a dream, an idea, with zero customers, zero employers, no social media, NOTHING other than a strong willed, inspired KC veteran hair stylist and single mother of two. It’s been DIFFICULT to say the least. The highs and lows of entrepreneurship are NOT for the faint of heart, nor for someone who hates to feel isolated.

As a private, introverted extrovert, putting myself out there has been painful and incredibly challenging.

Not a big fan of Social Media (nor am I very good at it), I forge forward.  Speaking in front of people makes me want to vomit, every time. Navigating through totally uncharted territory has been the most exciting and excruciating journey of my life. All of this self-inflicted torture has been worth it… Every. Last. Bit.