Salon Employment | Everything You Need To Know About Working In A Salon

Salon Employment | Everything You Need To Know About Working In A Salon

Salon employment describes a job in a salon where you receive a paycheck. Booth rental or independent salon professionals are contract or 1099 tax type salon workers.

Careers in a salon can be very rewarding, when you find employers and a team that align with your values and goals as a stylist. Often, new cosmetology graduates are lost in the sea of salon job choices.

In this blog, we will detail the different types of salons to make your search much easier!

Salon Employment Options

Hair stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, and barbers all face a ton of choices when it comes to salon jobs. The experience of working in an independently owned salon can be distinctly different from that of a franchise-based salon job.

Now, here’s the scoop: There isn’t a one-size-fits-all career path for stylists. The crucial step in discovering a salon where you’ll thrive is to assess your needs before starting out on your salon career journey.

Salon employment application tools like Enlightened Hire do the hard work for you. Detail scheduling preferences, how much help you need to get clients and compare your needs to salon owners to choose the best salon job for your personality!

Take the salon personality test.

Where do I find salon employment opportunities?

Salon employment opportunities can be found on hair salon job boards, in cosmetology schools, on Instagram or by searching salon jobs near me online. Decide whether a full time or part time position works best for you, then search to find your best fit!

It is important to understand the type of employment you are getting into before you start work in a salon. If you are currently working in a salon, and you are afraid the salon is not following the rules, read up on salon employment laws.

Benefits of working for an independently owned salon, spa or barber shop

Hair stylists working in salons owned by individuals often embrace the latest trends with enthusiasm. If you believe that your talents would be underutilized within a structured, full-time business setting, then an independent salon might just be the perfect fit for you.

Full time stylists and barbers at independently owned salons love the freedom to express themselves individually and as part of a dynamic team. However, it’s worth noting that these salons might not offer the same perks if you’re in need of insurance, a 401k plan, or extended maternity leave.

Each salon owner is different and an independent salon is a wonderful place to achieve career satisfaction. Search for an independently owned salon, spa or barber shop to work in, here.

Benefits of working for a corporate or franchise salon, spa or barber shop

A franchise salon may offer training, top pay and done for you marketing. These skin care and jobs in a salon tend to offer stability with an hourly wage and resources like a constant flow of customers.

There are all types of corporate owned hair salons from Fantastic Sams to Hair Club to Pigtails and Crewcuts. Working in a franchise spa or barber shop is a great way to get new clients without spending every hour marketing for guests!

Watch this TikTok on corporate hair salon jobs to learn more.

What to expect as a salon employee

As a salon employee there are rules and expectations that must be met in order to be successful. Get information on training offered, performance expectations and the clientele building responsibilities before saying yes to a hair salon job.

Your competency, cutting skills and cleanliness will develop over time. Demonstrating motivation and drive are the most important factors in salon hiring.

Even stylists who lack talent or the ability to perform services at the highest level get chosen over other candidates because of drive. Successfully landing a prestigious salon job in the upper east side in New York, NY may seem like an industry pipedream.

Great salon owners prioritize hiring based on personality and then provide training to build skills. So, when you’re seeking a salon job, make sure to sharpen your communication skills and be ready to follow the salon’s rules.

How do salon workers get paid?

Salon workers get paid by the hour, or recieve a percentage of styling services which is called a commission. Most of the time salons pay licensed stylists a guaranteed wage until you have enough clients to earn a commission on appointments.

Some salons compensate based on team performance, these are called team based pay salons. Barbers tend to go independent contractor roles, early in their careers.

Mobile barbers such as Modern Barbering in New York, NY is a great example of a self employed barber shop.

Hair salon employee vs independent contractor

Hair salon employees work for a salon, this means equipment, tools and supplies are provided for you and you get a paycheck. Independent contractors join a salon as a self employed stylist, providing everything they need to conduct business.

Independent contractors in a salon are called booth renters.

Misclassification is an industry problem! Employment laws are different from state to state.

If you relocate and you feel you are being taken advantage of, search our salon helpers to find out if your salon is compliant.

Before going booth rental, learn more about the cost of renting a booth with this calculator.

Why do Stylists Quit Salon Jobs?

Stylists quit salon jobs for a variety of reasons, the top reason being poor leadership. A leader’s performance is directly related to salon turnover rates.

There are instances where a stylist relocates and cannot reliably commute to perform services. In this case, a full time hair job may not be possible unless the stylist travels for part time work.

Salon suites can be a haven for ex-salon employees who grow tired of rules and drama. Suites offer spa and hair rooms where beauty professionals can escape they typical salon problems.

Not all owners and jobs in salons are the same. If you are looking for a salon job, consider a tool that lets you interview salon owners BEFORE going to a full time hair job.

How to hire salon employees

For the best hiring resources, owners should learn how salon recruitment works for hair professionals. Planning to hire, making a salon hiring ad and getting hairstylists into your business is a science!

Using hiring tools like Enlightened Hire helps to cut down on the cost of hiring. Create an account to get a free trial and start hiring, today!

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Enlightened Hire Salon Resume

Salon Job Seekers Help for Salon Employment

Getting burned by a salon business is a common fear for industry professionals. A salon in New York, NY may seem like the ideal waxing or coloring opportunity.

Then you start working and find they want all of your weekends and you have to sit around and wait, hour after hour for a client to walk in the door.

Understanding what you are getting into and having all of the choices for salon work at your fingertips is the best way to start a styling career. Salonspa Connection helps to lead new and experienced beauty industry pros to better jobs on our site.

Create an account on this site if you need personal, private help!

Salon Professionals Resume

The modern day salon resume is much more than work history or a list of customers. A video resume is great to let employers know what you bring to the table!

You can also create a digital resume for part time or full time work on a site like Enlightened Hire.