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How I Found My Dream Salon: Salon Connection Job Search

I’m new to town. After fumbling through Kansas City Salon jobs on Facebook, I discovered Salon Connection Job Search.

I moved to Kansas City about six months ago and I have just recently started at a new salon.

But getting to this point comes with a story, of course.

The story starts a few years ago when I had “it all”. I had the partner, the clientele, and the community. I had created the life that I had dreamt of and worked really hard to get.

But this is also a story that is as old as the wind— I had it all and I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t enough and I wasn’t satisfied.

I couldn’t wrap my mind around being in that place for the rest of my career. And it wasn’t because it wasn’t right for me or there was something wrong. But it was because I knew there was something more to life than making money, being surrounded by friends that love and admire me, and to have all the things that I could ever want.

There was a connection within myself that I needed to explore and build.

So I did something crazy.

Starting over in a new city

I gave it all up.

I said goodbye to my clientele that I had poured my heart and soul into.

Saying goodbye to my friends showed me what true friendship is.

And I said goodbye to the little beach town that supported my early twenties’ growth.

And I did this all with zero plan.

I took a leap of faith into the unknown.

The Search For A Great Salon In Kansas City

As the unknown situation unraveled, I discovered myself journeying to a midwestern town that had surprisingly captured my attention. Before I knew it, an unexpected affection for the place had taken hold, prompting me to declare my intention to relocate there.

The fact that these words were emerging from my mouth seemed rather astonishing. I had no connections in that area whatsoever.

So fast forward through the shutdown, the world turning upside down, and all that wild journey.

I moved to Kansas City, this kind and humble midwestern city.

To find community in this new town with this new way of the world was very intimidating. I had no idea where to start or take action.

Enter the salon job search

Something I often think about is the overwhelming amount of salons in the world and if you don’t have any connections to them, how are you supposed to find your salon home?

The ways of the internet now are extremely helpful and Facebook suggested me to “like” Salonspa Connection.

To be honest, I didn’t really think about it at first. Facebook suggests a lot of things that I don’t necessarily find helpful. I didn’t do much research into the company until I started seeing the job postings that Susan was sharing on the Facebook page.

Why the Salon Connection is the Best Platform

A couple clicks and I was on her website checking out the job board.

I had this moment of— is this real? This seems too good to be true. All of the jobs in this area are posted in one place!

My mind was absolutely blown.

The next thing I found on the website was a questionnaire about the things that are important to me in a salon. Such as employee/commission/ booth rent, products, values, etc.

The overwhelm of feeling lost in this new town drowning in the amount of salons seemed to begin to dissipate and I began to feel hope that I was going to find my new salon home.

A Private Salon Recruiter Service

The value of Salon Connection Job Search as a human being is an absolute necessity. It’s why I believe many of us are in the beauty industry, we get to build and cultivate relationships.

And I do not believe we can survive without one another’s support to build these relationships. With all of the elements that make up a hairstylist/ nail technician, massage therapist, etc— I believe connections are at the top of the list. Competition among each other is now outdated and supporting other salons and stylists is in!

The Perfect Salon

There is a salon home for every person out there, henceforth, I believe there is a clientele for every person that wants it.

Salonspa Connection is making waves in the industry by being a stand for support, connection, belonging and creativity.

Building community, friends and a clientele does take a toll on the heart strings. I am so grateful to become more of who I am meant to be at my new salon because of the foundation of what Susan is creating with this business.

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