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Salonspa Connection’s YouTube Channel

Since the launch of this company in 2018, we have met countless members of our community. Salonspa Connection’s YouTube Channel documents our journey from a local Kansas City salon recruitment business to an international offering.

Salon owners, students, hair stylists, barbers, nail technicians, estheticians, massage therapists and other members of our community who have amazingly interesting lives and opportunities.

Why keep all of this knowledge and experience quiet?? 

We sell salons

Find several of our public salons for sale listing details on YouTube. Learn more about our sell a salon services here.

We give tips on salon recruiting

Find yourself wondering what salon pros are thinking and where to find them? We post a variety of videos on salon hiring and recruiting, helpful to any owner in the industry.

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What is on Salonspa Connection’s YouTube Channel?

Here is just a small sample of what is going on with Salonspa Connection’s YouTube Channel!

SKYLAH BALLARD: Meet Skylah Ballard, owner of the new Marigold Studios in Westwood, Kansas!!

Marigold is one of the many amazing booth rental options Salonspa Connection has on our website. Search mentoring and shadowing opportunities in addition to salon jobs.

Susan Wos, owner of Salonspa Connection went in to see Marigold for herself and got to talk with Skylah one on one.

Hear from Skylah on how her Grandmother inspired her to get into Cosmetology. Learn how she gives back with Haircuts for the Homeless and Skylah’s diverse salon employment history as a hair stylist in Kansas City.

Learn what salon ownership looks like for her, how she balances family, a large clientele and co-ownership.

Connect with Skylah and other salon opportunities, CLICK HERE.

Rockstar hair educator, Ryan Teal

Ryan talks about his hair classes with Hattori Hanzo and how he designs them to be entertaining, to keep stylists engaged. His classes are easily understood by people like him that suffer from ADD and Dyslexia.

Ryan goes on to talk about his mentors, salon consultation and how they play into how he educates. His classes are in an environment that is much like going to a Metallica concert. Ryan talks about his video series “More Awesomer Hairdresser” as a method of self help and a cure for the boredom of typical hair you see posted on Instagram.

Learn how the hairdressing industry “chose” Ryan and the moment he realized that it was his true calling, despite suffering from the common “imposter syndrome”.

Work with Ryan at Evolve salon, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Mentoring for new hair stylists

PAM RANKER: A must see for beginner hair stylists! Pam helps those who are struggling to find their groove and for Cosmetology and Barber students looking to gain insight into what it takes to be successful in the salon industry.

In this 3 part video series we discuss a number of things geared toward learning how Pam built such a robust and loyal client base. Find out how owner of Deviant Locks in Overland Park, Kansas, turns clients into friends by prioritizing their needs. 

Understand the client “life cycle” any salon industry professional experiences in their career.

Watch Pam’s 3 part series, here.

Salon consultation expert

Need advice on how to give a great salon consultation? Consultation is key with Pam, especially offering a wide range of services.

Learn about how to give a perfect salon consultation from Pam. She offers the latest vivid hair color trends to men’s cuts to gorgeous, buttery blondes.

Understanding your client’s life, their wants and their needs coupled with effective communication leads to no buyer’s remorse, just repeat clients.

Pam opened a salon! Click here to work with Pam.

Massage therapist mentor

MONIQUE WATERS: Learn how Monique fell into Massage Therapy by chance. She met someone on vacation who was a Massage Therapist that changed her entire course in life.

Monique owns a very unique type of Spa with an incredible offering for Massage Therapists. Hear her talk about how she mentors Massage Therapists and allows MTs, Estheticians and Chiropractors to work in a flexible environment as room renters by the hour.

Help for massage therapists

Monique is all about empowering Massage Therapists to work at their own pace. She provides MTs everything they need to transition out of corporate massage work.

She helps by teaching on how to raise prices, accounting, time management, marketing and how to work for yourself.

Watch Monique’s interview, here.

Leaving a corporate massage job

Monique has now branched out and is now helping MTs who are leaving a corporate massage job. She is hiring massage therapists who are being taken advantage of by corporate owned spas and Massage Therapy franchise businesses. 

Monique is the self-proclaimed “enemy” of massage franchises because she provides solutions for MTs who are being worked too hard.

Monique is a Massage Therapy employment and booth rental trailblazer by helping people!

Find Massage Jobs and Booth Rental opportunities, click here to explore.

Valuable online Barber education

TAHKI BANNISTER: Learn from top Kansas City Barber, Tahki Bannister! Watch as he demonstrates top level customer service while reshaping his client’s beard.

Watch Tahki’s video here.

Let multicultural, Master Barber, Tahki owner of My Cuts Travel in the Kansas City Crossroads show you why has such a robust client base.

Get tips and tricks on how you too can grow your business while you watch him change his client’s look, tailored to his client’s desires.

Click here to hire Tahki for an in person Barbering class.

Work with Tahki in his barbershop and find the best Barber Jobs.

Salon recruiting lesson

Need tips on hiring more quality salon pros? Check out this free 45 minute seminar with the Salon Owners Networking Group leader, Kim Russell.

Link to free salon recruitment lesson found here.

Learn about the salon industry on YouTube

Salons, spas and barbershops are everywhere! If you are new to the industry, or just curious about how things work in salons, browse our videos to find helpful information.

Visit Salonspa Connection’s YouTube channel, today!