First Salon Industry Headhunter

Meet The First Salon Industry Headhunter

Salon industry headhunter was a term I had shied away from in the beginning. Now I embrace it and consider it a compliment.

Salon Employment  and booth rental in this industry gets STICKY! So much goes into the decisions of hair stylists and other licensed professionals when choosing where to work.

Often, we end up in the wrong salon and are afraid to make changes.

Trusted by Salon Professionals

Let’s face it, things happen in salons and when they do, it’s hard to know who you can trust. I started Salonspa Connection in 2018 as a go-between for salon pros and owners.

I would get to know hair stylists, nail techs and spa pros on a personal level and provide a list of salons for them to investigate.

Connect to Great Salons

Our private salon employment service was received so well, we needed to find a way to adapt. In late 2021, we implemented Enlightened Hire, a salon matchmaking service that also served as the perfect in house hiring tool for salon owners.

We find hairstylists better jobs

Have you landed in the wrong salon? This happens all to often.

Check out our screening process for owners to find a great fit with Enlightened Hire. Browse salon jobs and find hairstylist booth rental opportunities on our jobs page.

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Searching for a new salon to work in

Before Salonspa Connection we landed in salons, spas and barbershops for a number of reasons. Most of these reasons were not from a personalized, neutral, educated headhunter.

When we don’t understand what we are getting into, things fall apart. It’s challenging to translate your salon culture story.

To my knowledge there has NEVER been a salon headhunter, salon job connector.

Breaking the Mold | Find Salon Employees

Why hasn’t there been a non-brand affiliated salon career assistance service? What about a centralized place to find salon employees?

The influence of salon brands and distributors on our industry

Never underestimate the deep pockets hair product companies have.  The influence that they have over our salon opportunities is huge, and the goal is to keep you coming back to spend more.

Giving corporations all the power didn’t pay off for the individual salon owner or licensed pro. I created our  resources to be available to anyone who would like help.

Talk to an actual person

In need of personalized, private advice or assistance? For salon employment, booking a chat is easy on our Enlightened Hire homepage.

Our consulting options have widened to include a list of all salon consultants, including Susan who focuses on hiring, online visibility and website building.

Get the help you need to grow in your salon career, search our website for the keywords that represent the areas you are interested in!

The Salon Consultant Who Helps Find Salon Employees

I saw a true need for a middle (wo)man. Someone who could effectively meet the needs of stylists and owners alike. 

I am the best secret keeper in Kansas City, and now throughout the US and Canada. You don’t get to be a salon industry headhunter by spilling the tea!

We work to meet the needs of both salon employers and licensed professionals. Privately explore jobs and booth rental salons, get straightforward advice, and KNOW*YOUR*OPTIONS!

Salon Employment Matchmaker

Our one on one service still exists now that we are a large company. We just added great automation and systems to our process!

Contact the salon matchmaker for personalized, private assistance in finding the right salon, spa or barber shop to work.  Work with the #1 hair stylist headhunter in the world!

Your feedback is important to us! Send us a message and let us know how we can add to our offerings to best serve you on this page.

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