The Future of Salon Suites: Beauty Industry Job Market Trends

What is the future of salon suites? 

Initially, salon suites were seen as a trend, but they have now become a permanent fixture in the industry. With the growth of the salon suite concept, it’s important to look at the future of these spaces and how they will evolve over time to understand the booth rental market .

Salon suites are being built in record numbers across first world countries, and this growth shows no signs of slowing down. These spaces offer many benefits, such as more autonomy for beauty professionals, flexible schedules, and a greater sense of privacy for both stylists and clients. As the number of salon suites continues to grow, it’s clear that they are not just a fad, but are here to stay.

However, with the saturation of the salon suite market, it’s likely that these spaces will soon be fighting to find booth renters to fill their rooms. This may lead to increased competition among salon suite owners, who will need to differentiate their offerings to attract top talent.

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The rising failure rate of salon suite renters.

In 2013, the failure rate was around 10%, but by 2023, it has grown to 30%. This is due in part to a lack of education on what it takes to be successful in a salon suite. Many beauty professionals may not fully understand the business side of running their own salon suite, including marketing, bookkeeping, and other administrative tasks.

To combat this issue, salon suite owners can provide more education and resources to their renters. This can include business courses, marketing support, and mentoring programs. By offering these resources, salon suite owners can help their renters be more successful, which in turn will benefit the salon suite as a whole.

In addition, salon suite owners can differentiate themselves from the competition by offering unique amenities and services. For example, some salon suites may offer spa services, nail services, or other beauty treatments in addition to hair services. Others may offer technology-enabled booking systems or online marketing tools to help renters attract more clients. The future success of individual of salon suites success depends on the owners ability to provide more support for their suite renters.


The growing frustration among salon suite owners and other beauty professionals: No quality control or prequalification for renters. 

This frustration is due to the fact that there is very little quality control and prequalification for beauty professionals who lease salon suites. What is a haven for independent beauty professionals can also be a nightmare when there is no quality control in who rents salon suites.

Unlike traditional salons, where owners can hire and train staff to meet their standards, salon suite owners have very little control over the quality of work being done in their spaces. This can lead to issues with hygiene, safety, and overall professionalism. In some cases, renters may not have the necessary licenses or certifications to provide certain services, which can put clients at risk.

Furthermore, because there is no prequalification process for beauty professionals who lease salon suites, it can be difficult for salon suite owners to know whether or not renters will be a good fit for their space. This can lead to issues with personality conflicts, as well as concerns about renters who may not be able to attract enough clients to make their business sustainable.

To address these issues, some salon suite owners are implementing stricter guidelines and prequalification processes for renters. This may include requiring proof of licensure and insurance, as well as conducting interviews and background checks to ensure that renters are a good fit for the space.

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Prevent failure in suite ownership.

Salon suites are not just a trend, but a permanent fixture in the salon industry for independent beauty professionals. As more salon suites are built, there will be increased competition for booth renters. However, by providing education and resources to renters, and offering unique amenities and services, salon suite owners can differentiate themselves and attract top talent to their spaces. It’s an exciting time for the salon suite industry, and those who adapt and innovate will be poised for success in the years to come.

In conclusion, frustration with salon suite renters is growing due to the lack of quality control and prequalification processes in place for beauty professionals who lease these spaces. However, by implementing stricter guidelines and creating a community of like-minded professionals, salon suite owners can help to ensure that their spaces are safe, professional, and successful. As the salon suite industry continues to evolve, it’s important for owners and renters alike to work together to create a culture of excellence and innovation.

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