Hybrid Salon Owner Statistical Data

Hybrid Salon Owner Statistical Data

Learn what the Hybrid Salon Owner Statistical Data is for those who hire employees and offer booth rental in their businesses in this statistics report. Not sure what a hybrid salon, spa or barber shop is? Read more about the hybrid salon employment business model here.

Hybrid salons, spas and barber shops owners of all shapes and sizes have told Enlightened Hire what they prefer in applicants to their businesses. This specific report includes all hybrid business models- hair salons, barber shops, esthetics, nail and massage businesses.

If you would like specific data on hybrid salon professionals preferences, booth & salon suite or employee based business models, visit our main salon industry statistics page.

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Utilize our Hybrid Salon Owner Statistical Data to understand how your business fits in and how you can set yourself apart to attract & hire more salon applicants. 

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Hybrid Salon Owner Data for Eco-Friendly Products 

When asked about how hybrid salon, spa and barber shop owners feel about their eco-conscious practices, this is the overall data that was provided. In hybrid salon businesses, an owner can dictate what products are allowed for renters and what is supplied for employees.

These statistics demonstrate a healthy attitude towards low-tox, non-tox and organic products used in hybrid businesses. Surprisingly the push for a less toxic beauty business is higher than employee based salons, spas and barbershops

Hybrid owners have less control in their businesses with the introduction of booth renters mixed in with salon employees. This data is particularly interesting as less control over salon staff translates into the values an owner has towards a more eco-friendly business model.

statistics that demonstrate a change in low tox product usage in modern day salons
attitudes on crime in a hybrid salon business model

Hybrid Salon Owners Conduct Background Checks While Maintaining a Flexible Attitude Towards a Criminal Past

When asked about what hybrid owners prefer or require from applicants concerning a criminal history, this is the overall data that was provided. Our statistics demonstrate hybrid salons, spas and barber shops are the leader in checking into a potential hire’s criminal past.

With only 21% of hybrid owners claiming they do not do background checks, it is a fair assumption to claim hybrid salons as the leader in sorting through an applicant’s criminal history.

Hybrid owners have an overall open minded attitude when considering someone who has engaged in criminal activity in the past. Are these salons more forward thinking and flexible or irresponsible in hiring professionals who may cause problems in their businesses?

Hybrid Salon Owners Recruit by Offering the Ability to Build Clientele

When asked if hybrid owners assist in building a client base, this is the overall data that was provided. While this data clearly shows a mixed attitude towards a requirement for applicants to come ready with a client base, overall hybrid owners can supply new clientele for professionals who need to build.

In a difficult economy where clientele is harder to obtain, hybrids have positioned themselves either in great locations or with robust marketing initiatives that drive a consistent flow of new business.

Building a client base is a big perk for hungry salon professionals. In order to compete in recruitment, offering the ability to help drive new clients helps to put salons at the top of professional’s list who are looking for new salons to work in.

data on building a client base in a hybridized salon business model
statistics demonstrating that a hybrid salon does not encourage competitiveness

Data on Hybrids and a Competitive Salon Environment

When asked about competitiveness in hybrid salon businesses, this is the overall data that was provided.  As a more flexible business model, less contests and competitions at work is par for the course.

Striking a balance between employees and both renters can be a challenge.  While some professionals are driven by achievement and “winning”, others simply want to come to work, do their job and go home.

The hybrid salon owner statistical data reflects the attitude of a less competitive atmosphere. Including independent beauty professionals in an incentive may also pose a challenge as they are typically only compensated by retail sales, cash prizes or breaks in rental prices.

Statistics on Leadership in Hybrid Salons, Spas and Barbershops

When asked about the type of leadership offered to salon staff in a hybrid business model, this is the overall data that was provided.  Hybrid owners have clearly not overlooked the challenges that come with a mixed business model.

Leadership in hybrids must be strong to thrive and minimize chaos. Our statistics reveal that hybrid salon owners realize this challenge and have risen to the occasion.

There are hybrid salons that are attempting to phase out employment and transition to an all booth rent model. When this transition takes place, owners may adopt a more hands off approach, empowering professionals to lead collectively.

data showing how uncommon it is to have a hybrid salon model in a corporate setting

How Many Hybrid Salons, Spas and Barbershops are Corporate Owned?

When asked what type of ownership our hybrid salons, spas and barber shops are, this is the overall data that was provided.  It is rare to find a hybrid salon under a corporate umbrella unless a salon suite has adopted employee based hiring.

Our statistics reveal this sentiment- it is unusual to have a hybrid employment model and be corporate-owned. Hybrids are all about flexibility for professionals to ebb and flow into different employment situations which generally is not an aspect of hiring corporations tend to adopt.

More common corporate owned salon models are in employee based franchise businesses and salon suite models.

The salon, spa and barber data does not stop here! 

This report is just a fraction of the statistics we gathered.

Our data is the most comprehensive, impartial employee based, hybrid and booth & suite rental statistics, available. Understanding what is going on in the salon industry promotes long term employment in salons and helps you be in the know of what is happening in the salon, spa and barber industries.

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