Hybrid Salon Employment Model

Learn About the Hybrid Salon Employment Model

Thinking about owning or working in a hybrid salon? This blog post explains the hybrid salon employment model and gives you the information you seek on if this is a good choice for your career.

What is a Hybrid Salon Employment Model?

A Hybrid Salon Employment Model is a blend of hourly, commission, 1099 and or booth rental options all in one place of business.

Hybrid concept is growing in popularity. This is in effort to give the employees in your salon no reason to look elsewhere, if they are happy.

If the culture is right, you provide a happy and stable environment, employees are fulfilled then you have been successful. Owners want to keep the staff that has grown with your salon, regardless of the employment type. 

Is a hybrid salon the solution?

The Hybrid employer wants to give valued employees the best of all worlds. Commission employees are often drawn into wanting to explore booth rental.

If you have lost valued salon employees to rental, a hybrid salon may be worth consideration.

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Commission salon owners fear employee exodus

Hybrids resolve stylists wanting independence over losing them to another booth rental salon.  This model does not work for everyone but losing stylists hurts salons.

Losing stylists to another salon

Non-competes provide workable restrictions and ultimately do not discourage the determined self-sufficient employee.  No one wants to lose a good employee, some end up clinging to those who aren’t as stellar because they make the salon money and provide the owner security.

You should not try to hold on to those who want something different than what is provided to them by you as an owner. The decision is yours- hold onto the commission salon model or let them go to a booth rental salon.

You can always reevaluate the business model to accommodate stylists who yearn for “freedom”. Holding your ground as a commission employer also lets your employees know you have strong convictions and values.

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A booth rental salon can hire too with a hybrid model

Rental owners fear losing stylists, just like commission salons. Stylists leave for the next best thing, better price, more benefits, better location or better atmosphere.

Sometimes things happen in a stylist’s life where they want to work in a commission salon instead of booth rental.

Allowing this flexibility in your salon gives the hair stylists little reason to leave your salon. 

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Why stylists leave a booth rental salon

When rental owners lose stylists, they don’t see it coming. Never knowing why or if they could have done something more to keep them.

Even though booth rental gives stylists the freedom to run their own business, things happen that may require moving to a new salon. If one of the reasons they leave is less responsibility or need for support, consider adding these benefits as a hybrid salon.

Many times, stylists venture out on their own as a renter after years at a commission salon. Some find they are not suited for this type of independence, preventing them from being a successful renter.

When this happens, often then they go back to a commission or hourly salon. Consider a hybrid salon coach if you want to expand your employment opportunities.

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Adaptable salon owners win.

The Hybrid salon provides the solution to a commission salon owner’s fear of losing stylists to rental salons. Hybrids allow employees to transition and provide support to those wanting the next phase in their career to be with their current employer.

A renter who no longer wishes to “do it all” themselves can go back to commission or find themselves going to a “Full Service” booth rental model.

What is an example of full service booth rental?

Take for example,  Timothy Weber in Leawood, Kansas. Tim’s full service hybrid salon offers rental options as a full service rental opportunity. 

This includes many aspects of renting such as scheduling clients, front desk and buying color that renters find to be stressful. The full service rental is an alternative to traditional booth renting salons.

The Hybrid model seems to offer it all both for owner and for employee, so why aren’t more employers embracing this model?

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The best of both worlds

Hybrids do provide the best of both salon employment worlds and can be the answer to a struggling salon’s prayer.

Hybrids have challenges like any other industry business. Owners of hybrids report issues that salons with straightforward commission and rental structures do not have.

Distrust and theft, ineffective communication, stylists experiencing conflict and issues over the dual model are normal. All salon employment models have ongoing problems, Hybrid salons are no different.

Most of the time the problems hybrid salons have does not outweigh the high staff retention rates.

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The one to watch

As the traditional employment structures and ideals for the salon, spa and barber industry change and evolve, the Hybrid model is one to watch. Owners everywhere are re-thinking how they do business.

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