Salon Employee Statistics

Salon Employee Statistics

What are experienced hair stylists, barbers, nail technicians, estheticians and massage therapists looking for in a new job? In 2022-2023 we received thousands of new job requests, in this report on salon employee statistics you will learn what experienced salon professionals are looking for and how they identify their needs concerning employment.

The following salon employee statistics were gleaned from US & Canadian stylists, barbers, nail techs, estheticians and massage therapists who were actively seeking employment– not booth rental. These pros want to be employed and happy- they clarified their wants, needs and preferences in salon, spa and barber employers in order to find a great, long term fit.

What do experienced salon pros want when seeking a new job?

This specific report includes all experienced, employee based professionals- commission, hourly and team based hair, esthetics, nail and massage pros.

If you would like specific data on pros who want booth & suite rental, hybrid salons, salon owners preferences or student data, visit our main salon industry statistics page.

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Utilize our experienced salon employee statistics data to understand how your business fits in and how you can set yourself apart to attract & hire more salon applicants. 

You can get a glimpse into what the full owner statistics reports contain on our comprehensive non-employee based owners statistics page. 

Salon Professionals Facts for Eco-Friendly Products 

When asked about how commission, hourly and team based pay professionals feel about eco-conscious products, this is the overall data that was provided.

With over 30% of hair stylists indicating alignment with a green salon, and over 50% of professionals desiring a less toxic salon product, it is clear the push for more organic products is the way of the future.

Thankfully, this is in alignment with employee based salon facts.

Although the overall salon brand preferences did not indicate low or no tox products to be top picks, it is clear a desire for more organic offerings is in demand with experienced beauty professionals.

proof that salon professionals prefer organic products
facts on hair stylists and criminal records

Criminal History Statistics on Experienced Salon Employees

When asked about what type of criminal history our experienced salon pros have, this is the overall data that was provided.

Less than 40% of experienced job seeking hair stylists, barbers, nail technicians, estheticians and massage therapists indicated a perfect record.

Over 55% admitted to at least one past indiscretion which makes getting a background check for sensitive owners a must. Infractions can range from very minor to a more serious legal issue.

While a criminal history does not mean a poor work performance or bad client experience, it can play out as theft, salon drama or indicate mental health issues.

Do Experienced Salon Professionals Want Owners to Help Build Clientele?

When asked if commission, hourly and team-based pay salon employees need assistance in building a client base, this is the overall data that was provided. 

Experienced salon professionals may or may not have a client base when applying for a new job. This is due to these reasons:

  • They have been working in a salon that has a non-compete
  • They have not been given an opportunity to build in their current salon
  • Motivation to build a clientele may be lacking
  • They have worked in a salon that does not align with the type of services they want to be performing

Evaluate the reasons your experience pro has as to why they need help building clientele- the reasons may surprise you!

hairstylist client base facts
facts on salon professional's attitudes on a competitive salon environment

Data on Experienced Salon Professionals and Their Feelings About a Competitive Environment

When asked about how experienced salon pros feel about competition in salon businesses, this is the overall data that was provided. A small percentage- 21% of experienced salon professionals are highly motivated to “win”.

The good news is- less than 35% of experienced pros have no interest in competing. 

It is possible pros have been burned by a salon that was too focused on competitions or possibly a situation where an owner chose to pit stylists against each other for personal, monetary gain.

Motivation to compete and win vary widely- ensure your salon has friendly contests, not toxic competitive initiatives to encourage great participation.

Facts on the Desire for Strong Leadership in Employee Based Businesses

When asked about the type of leadership experienced salon professionals want, this is the overall data that was provided.

The statistics are overwhelming- the desire for great leadership is clear. Over 60% of experienced hair stylists, barbers, nail technicians, estheticians and massage therapists crave a strong and fair leader.

These pros chose employment over booth rental for a reason. Can owners step up to the plate?

Poor or unfair leadership is the #1 reason salon employees look for booth rental salons to work in.

Many salon pros have been burned by poor leadership, driving them to leave the industry, look for new salon jobs or go independent before they are ready. High employee retention starts with great leadership.

hairstylist statistics demonstrating the desire for better salon leadership

Statistics on Experienced Salon Professionals Desire to Work in Corporate Owned Salons, Spas and Barbershops

When asked what type of ownership our experienced, employee based salon professionals crave, this is the overall data that was provided. 

Franchise and corporate salons, spas and barber shops make up a large population of job opportunities for salon professionals.

As experienced pros look for new opportunities, they generally have some insight into the difference between independently owned salons vs franchises.

While corporate owned salons offer more benefits and stability, there is less freedom and personality to these businesses. 

The salon, spa and barber data does not stop here! 

This report is just a fraction of the statistics we gathered.

Our data is the most comprehensive, impartial employee based, hybrid and booth & suite rental statistics, available. Understanding what is going on in the salon industry promotes long term employment in salons and helps you be in the know of what is happening in the salon, spa and barber industries.

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