Best Gifts for Hairstylists: 60 Top Picks and Ideas

Best Gifts for Hairstylists: 60 Top Picks and Ideas

Hairstylists play a significant role in our lives by working for us or helping us look and feel our best. Whether the occasion is a birthday, rewarding a salon accomplishment or just a sweet holiday thank you, it can be challenging to know what the best gifts for hairstylists are! F

To make shopping easier, we have created a variety of suggestions for the best gifts for hairstylists that are both budget-friendly and high-end, so there is an option for everyone.

Hi there, my name is Susan Wos. I am a 28 year veteran cosmetologist who helps hairstylists find jobs and owners sell salons. When I have a bit of free time I like to write blogs that help salon owners, beauty pros and anyone interested in the salon industry find information that makes life easier!

Understanding the hairstylists’ world is important when considering the perfect gift. Consider their daily challenges and choose gifts that cater to their personal and professional needs. From personalized items to trendy hair tools, there are limitless options that convey your admiration for their skills, friendship and artistry.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the best gifts for hairstylists that cater to their unique needs and lifestyle.
  • Learn to appreciate the importance of expressing gratitude and admiration for hairstylists.
  • Explore various gift options, from budget-friendly to high-end and personalized items, to make your hairstylist feel special.
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Understanding a Hairstylists’ World

Hairstylists are creative professionals, dedicated to making their clients look and feel their best. Independent hair stylists are solely dependent upon the money they make behind the chair. Stylists that are employees earn a paycheck and add to the overall experience in salons.

Beyond cutting and styling hair, they often have to juggle multiple tasks, such as managing appointments, providing consultations, producing content for social media and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. 

With this comes long hours, physically demanding tasks, and the perpetual need to be friendly as they cater to different clients and personality types. 

In this blog, we explore the world of a hairstylist with an emphasis on their unique needs and how to give a useful yet thoughtful gift to your favorite stylist.

Satisfying the needs of hairstylists when thinking about the perfect gift.

Some may think hairstylists make a lot of money. While there are stylists that take home 6 figures behind the chair, both beginner stylists and experienced stylists may struggle to make ends meet and feed their families.

Satisfy the needs of stylists who have families and are struggling to thrive with gift certificates to grocery stores, Visa gift cards, Walmart, Target or even Starbucks so they can treat themselves and get a quick meal. 

These ideas work well for salon owners handing out holiday gifts or for clients who want to show extra appreciation for their favorite hair stylist.

The Hairstylist Life: Gift Ideas That Make a Difference

Working in the hairstyling industry requires a strong balance between technical skills and interpersonal abilities. Hairstylists are tasked with understanding the unique needs of each client to create tailored solutions that cater to individual hair types, facial features, and personalities. 

This process involves listening carefully, asking the right questions, and offering suggestions based on their expertise. Believe it or not, some stylists experience burnout from working with people– constant cheerfulness and perfecting everyone’s hair can take a toll on mental health. A small gift or token of appreciation goes a long way with stylists who are feeling the strain of working a salon.

Fresh flowers, a lunch treat or a gift certificate to get a relaxing massage are thoughtful, great gift ideas for hairstylists for any occasion.

Gifting hairstylists: Invest in their career

In addition to soft skills, hairstylists must also invest both physically and mentally into continued technical skill building. Ask your stylist if there is a class, event or retreat they are interested in attending- a gift idea may present itself, just by uncovering their professional goals.

If the stylist needs to travel, consider gifting airline points to fund their flights or hotel points to help facilitate their stay. Getting a stylist the perfect bag to carry their tools to a hair show or event is one of the best ways to say “I support you in your career”. 

Hair stylists need various tools and techniques to execute precision cuts, trendy colors, and innovative styles. Staying current with new advances in the industry is a continuous learning process, as trends evolve at a fast pace. 

Ask about the tools, equipment or take matters into your own hands and buy professional tools for them. Shop salon professional tools, brushes, equipment and educational opportunities you can provide for stylists, and surprise them with gifts that show you are truly invested in their careers!

Think about gifts that help stylists thrive

To excel as a hairstylist, they should be equipped with the following essential traits:

  1. Attention to detail: Precise cuts and consistent coloring require a keen eye for detail and the ability to concentrate for extended periods.
  2. Creativity: A flair for creative thinking allows hairstylists to stay ahead of trends and offer fresh, unique styles to their clients.
  3. Stamina: Hairstylists spend most of their day standing and bending, requiring physical endurance and strength. Consider gifting shoes that are best for standing long hours.
  4. Time management: Balancing appointments, consultations, and other salon tasks calls for exceptional organization and time management abilities.
  5. Patience: Dealing with different hairstyles, colors, and textures can be challenging, so having the patience to work through difficult tasks is vital.

In the hairstyling world, the experience goes beyond the salon chair. Clients often look to their hair stylists as confidants, making trust and honesty crucial aspects of a hairstylist-client relationship. Salon owners get stressed out and struggle to deal with the challenges of managing stylists. If you have a salon professional in your life that could use a mental health boost, consider books like these that will help manage stress and add to their success. 

Show you care by giving the gift of mental health!

Additionally, hairstylists must be able to connect with a variety of people from different backgrounds, ensuring an inclusive and comfortable environment.

Understanding the world of a hairstylist is important not only for those working in the industry but also for clients and salon owners. Though challenging and demanding, hairstyling is an evolving field, filled with creative opportunities for those with a passion for hair and the desire to make others feel their absolute best- showing you value their work goes a long way!

Importance of Appreciating Hairstylists

Showing gratitude towards hairstylists is essential because they play a significant role in making people feel confident and refreshed. It’s always lovely to hear “thank you” from a satisfied client; however, taking a step further by giving a simple gift like a cute coffee mug can genuinely make their day special. 

Besides, everyone loves to feel appreciated for their hard work and creativity.

Hairstylists often work long hours, having to listen to their customers’ desires while also providing professional advice on what would look best based on their hair type and face shape. They also need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients. 

As a result, hairstylists deserve gratitude for their commitment to providing exceptional service.

Various gifts for hairstylists that can be considered to show appreciation

Some popular options include:

Appreciating our hairstylist friends and acknowledging their efforts to keep us looking fabulous is easily expressed through thoughtful gifts. A small gift can go a long way in expressing gratitude and strengthening the bond between a client and their hairstylist or a salon owner.

So, next time you have a fabulous hair salon experience, don’t forget to show some love and appreciation to the talented individual who made it happen.

Best Budget-Friendly Gifts for Hairstylists

Finding the perfect gift for your hairstylist can be a challenging task, especially when you’re on a budget. However, there are plenty of affordable and thoughtful gift options that will make your hairstylist feel appreciated. In this section, we will discuss some budget-friendly gifts that cater to hairstylists and are perfect for any occasion.

A coffee mug is always a fantastic option for a budget-friendly gift. Consider choosing a funny or stylish mug designed specifically for hairstylists, which features a unique handle that resembles a pair of hair cutting shears. It is both an eye-catching and practical gift that is sure to make your stylist smile.

Another cost-effective choice is a hoodie that boasts a hairstylist-themed design or slogan. There’s a wide range of comfortable and stylish options available that allow your hairstylist to show off their passion for their craft while remembering how much you appreciate them. 

Choose a design that best matches their personality and style, so that the gift is both personal and practical.

Cute Stylist Gift Add Ons

Keychains make for a perfect budget gift as they are both functional and fashionable. You can find plenty of hairstylist-themed keychains that feature hairdresser tools or cute hairstylist quotes. Some keychains even come with a small scissor charm, making it a subtle and charming touch for any hairstylist’s keys.

To summarize, these are some budget-friendly gifts for hairstylists that demonstrate your appreciation for their talent and dedication:

Remember that it’s the thought that counts when gifting. By selecting a thoughtful and budget-friendly present, you will undoubtedly make your hairstylist feel valued and appreciated.

Top Higher-End Gifts for Hairdressers

Finding the perfect high-end gift for your hairstylist can be a bit tricky. Stylists are professionals who work long hours on their feet and use a set of unique tools in their daily routine. Let’s explore some top high-end gift ideas tailored specifically for hairdressers, such as hair tools, hot tools, and even a stylish carrying case.

Hair Tools

A hairstylist can never have enough professional-grade hair tools, making them a top high-end gift option. Some great tools to consider include:

  • Shears: High-quality Japanese steel shears for precise cutting and styling. Make sure you know your stylist’s preference on the size of shear before buying!
  • Brushes: We never have enough professional brushes! Browse paddle, round, and detangling brushes, for different hair types and styles.
  • Combs: A set of “seamless” combs that glide through the hair easily and prevent hair breakage are very useful in any hairstylist’s daily life in a salon.

Hot Tools

Every hairstylist needs specialty hot tools to create your desired look. High-quality hot tools can make a perfect high-end gift for hairdressers. Examples of popular hot tools include:

  • Flat Irons: A sleek and efficient flat iron with adjustable heat settings for different hair types is ideal for any stylist.
  • Curling Irons: High grade curling irons with interchangeable barrels, varied sizes and styles make an excellent gifts for hairstylists
  • Hair Dryers: A powerful and lightweight hair dryer with multiple heat and speed settings caters to all hair types and is an essential tool for all hairstylists.

Stylish Wall Clocks

A cool wall clock featuring hairdressing-themed designs can be a unique and appreciated higher-end gift for hairstylists and salons. An attractive clock not only adds a touch of style to their salon or workstation but also helps them keep track of time during appointments. There are various designs to choose from, such as:

  • Scissor and Comb Clock: A wall clock with a scissors-and-comb design for a hair-themed twist
  • Hair Tool Clock: A clock featuring an assortment of hair tools, like hair brushes, hairdryers, and shears, as the hour markers
  • Minimalist Wall Clock: A simple and classy minimalist clock that complements the salon’s interior design

These thoughtful, high-end gifts for hairdressers can help show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication they put into their craft. They are perfect for salons and salon owners too! Just remember to keep their personal tastes and preferences in mind when selecting the perfect gift.

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Personalized Gifts Ideas

When looking for the perfect gifts for hairstylists, consider offering them something unique and personalized to show your appreciation. A range of customizable items can make for the ideal presents, such as bracelets, wine glasses, keychains, and clocks.

Bracelets can be customized with the hairstylist’s name or inspirational phrases that relate to their profession. For example, you could engrave the phrase “Hair Stylist Extraordinaire” on a beautiful silver or gold bracelet.

A wine glass makes for a delightful gift – especially when it’s personalized or entertaining. Choose a funny wine glass inscribed with something to make your stylist smile, a stylish pair of shears, or other hair-related gifts. These glasses will not only bring a touch of humor to their evening but also let them know that you recognize and appreciate their friendship.

Engraved keychains are a practical yet thoughtful gift for hairstylists, as they can use these every day. You can find keychains in various shapes and materials, such as metal or leather, featuring hair stylist tools or their initials. This small token of appreciation will remind them of your gratitude every time they pick up their keys.

Warm Your Stylist’s Heart

Personalized gifts like bracelets, wine glasses, keychains, and clocks offer a thoughtful and heartwarming touch when gifting to hairstylists. Each of these items can be tailored to reflect the recipient’s personality and passion for their craft. With these ideas, you can show your favorite hairstylist just how much you value and appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Gifts That Say “I Love My Hairstylist”

Choosing the perfect gift for your hairstylist can be challenging, especially when you want to express your appreciation for their talents. In this section, we will suggest some thoughtful gifts that say “I love my hairstylist.”

Hairdresser Aprons

Your stylist will appreciate a high-quality, hairdresser apron. Choose a durable and stylish apron that can withstand daily use at the salon. Not only does it keep their clothes clean, but it also allows them to carry essential tools in their pockets. 

Gift Cards for Salon Services and Supplies

Show your appreciation by giving your hairstylist a gift card for their favorite salon supply store or local spa. This allows them to choose their preferred products or indulge in a relaxing treatment, and acknowledges their dedication to keeping your hair looking fabulous.Ask your stylist where they get their supplies to know which salon distributor to purchase a gift card from.


When it comes to selecting the perfect gift for a hairstylist, there are a plethora of options available to show your appreciation. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Quality hair tools: Help hairstylists upgrade their professional kit with high-quality hair tools.
  • Comfortable footwear: Stylists spend long hours on their feet, making a pair of cozy slippers an excellent choice for post-shift relaxation.
  • Unique accessories: Brighten up their workstation with creative gifts like hair-themed wall art or scissor-shaped earrings.
  • Practical items: Stylists will appreciate wearable items like stylish aprons that protect their clothes and have pockets for tools.

Consider the preferences and needs of your hairstylist when deciding on a gift. Researching their favorite brands or asking for personal recommendations may lead you to the ideal present. Think about their work environment, lifestyle, personal style, and professional goals.

Lastly, adding a personal touch by including a heartfelt note or customizing the gift with their name or initials can make the present even more special. In conclusion, thoughtful consideration ensures your chosen gift will not only delight the hairstylist in your life but also serve as a long-lasting expression of gratitude for making you feel and look beautiful, year after year.

I hope you have found this customized list to be helpful when shopping for the best gifts for hairstylists. I know I would love any of the items in this blog, but please know we never expect gifts or tips.

Yours in service,

Susan Wos

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