Best Shoes for Hair Stylists- Voted by REAL Hairdressers

Best Shoes for Hair Stylists- Voted by REAL Hairdressers

As a hairstylist, you know that your feet are one of your most valuable assets. Standing long hours on your feet takes it’s toll, even as early as in cosmetology school, join me as I give you a list of the best shoes for hair stylists!

My name is Susan Wos, I am a 28 year veteran hairdresser who has suffered from plantar fasciitis and collapsed arches, all while supporting my family behind the chair. I am no stranger to foot pain and wear and tear on your body from years of doing hair.

The best shoes for hairdressers is a topic I see come up often in salon forums, so we polled REAL hairstylists to chime in about what their go-to for footwear is in the salon, so you don’t have to do the hard work!

When I’m not busy helping stylists find hiring salons and selling salons, I like to write helpful blogs to provide free information for the salon industry. I hope you enjoy our REAL hairstylist contributor’s shoe preferences and come back to Salonspa Connection, should you need help in your salon industry career.

Finding the perfect pair of shoes that cater to both your style and comfort as a stylist is crucial to your long term success behind the chair. Proper shoes for hairdressers should reign supreme over cute and stylish shoes, but this isn’t always the case.

Why can’t we have both style AND comfort? Well we can!

But how do you choose the right ones? This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the most favorable salon shoe options, by real hairstylists. Below, we will provide you with the best shoes to wear while working in a salon, orthopedic options, and trendy choices for salon professionals.

Let’s step into the world of comfortable and stylish footwear for hairdressers!

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  2. New Balance
  3. On Cloud
  4. Bzees
  5. Alegria
  6. Men’s All Birds
  7. Men’s Oakali

Key Takeaways for Finding The Best Shoes for Hair Stylists

  • Choose hairstylist shoes based on comfort, arch support, slip resistance and absorbs shock.

  • Consider your arch type when selecting a pair of shoes and try them before you buy.

  • Consult our list of best shoes for hair stylists below, to find a new shoes for hairdressers!

  • Save high heels for special events, wear shoes on your feet that allow long periods of standing

  • Finding shoes that are best for YOUR feet takes time, be patient

Table of Contents

Finding the perfect shoes for hairdressers can be tough

Especially when you want comfort, style and to fit your budget. To make it easier on yourself (and your feet), we’ve come up with a collection of our best shoe choices- voted by yours truly and busy hairstylists across the US.

Below you will find comfy champions, chic options as well as cost-effective solutions.

These comfortable shoes not only guarantee coziness and a tight fit but also give arch support. From slip resistant soles to stylish and practical sandals, our best shoes for hair stylists picks pass the test!

Find shoes in our selection to alleviate foot pain during long shifts working on unforgiving salon floors while being spacious enough around toes area adding more contentment!

Arch Support & Shoes for Hairstylists with Plantar Fasciitis

When selecting the right shoes for a hairdresser, Oofos make an ideal choice, these are my personal favorite. Therapy coupled with these shoes healed my plantar fasciitis.

Featuring a shoe that has non-toxic properties that provide comfort throughout the day, they also come with foam technology which reduce foot pain.

This design gives extra security while on the job, perfect day wear for those constantly working long shifts on your feet in salons!

For hairstylists who crave lightweight design as well as convenience of movement around their workspace, Oofos are hard to beat! The breathable mesh exterior ensures flexibility within every shoe while providing maximum support and protection to your feet.

Yellowbox, the Sandal of Choice for Busy Hairdressers

Yellowbox is a brand focused on comfortable shoes that are creatively styled, designed for prolonged standing careers. They are a sustainable sourced product too, conscientious of packaging and design. Perfect for the long periods of standing during the summer months!shoes for hairstylist with plantar fasciitis

Style Wear Meets Support: Dansko Clogs, Best Hairdresser Shoes

With a modern design and exceptional comfort for feet, a new pair of must have Dansko clog shoes makes a statement in any hair salon. These stylish shoes are crafted with memory foam and arch support to keep your feet comfortable throughout long hours of work at the salon.

The EVA oustole footbed provides excellent support while you showcase your personal style through details on the design. Not only fashionably attractive but also featuring contoured outsoles that offer superior traction for added safety!

Budget-Friendly Feet Choice: Vans Asher Platform Sneaker Shoe

If you’re seeking out something that offers a combination of comfortable fit, fashion and affordability all in one package then thick sole Vans Asher Platform Sneakers are exactly what you need. These shoes absorbs shock and have maximum cushioning insole for an extra layer of padding that is added inside the shoe to provide added support for the foot.

These features to keep your feet feeling good during long days at work.

The platform midsole construction consist of cushioned memory foam and the outsoles feature wide, flat rubber for extra grip – plus they come in different colors so it’s easy to find the perfect pair suited perfectly to match up with any salon look!

With these sneakers from Vans by your side, no matter how active or inactive your day is – rest assured that fashion & money won’t be sacrificed thanks this fantastic offer!

Orthopedic Options for Hairdressers and Other Professionals

If you are a hairdresser suffering from foot issues such as heel pain, orthopedic shoes could be the answer. Oofos and Brooks make the best orthopedic shoes for hairdressers.

These specifically designed shoes promote healthy posture by providing better support to your feet, ankles and legs while offering maximum shock absorbency compared to normal flats. There are tons of fashionable options out there so you don’t have to choose between comfort or looking good!

We will now focus on two specially crafted products tailored for hairdressers: HOKA ONE Women’s Running Shoes and BORN’s Women’s Natalie.

Relief for Plantar Fasciitis: HOKA ONE Bondi Running Shoes

If you’re experiencing foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, the HOKA ONE Women’s Running Shoes can be incredibly beneficial. The EVA foam moulding and internal heel counter provide optimal stability and the meta rocker feature offers greater comfort when standing for prolonged periods.

Breathable mesh material keeps your feet cool during long hours of work – ensuring maximum relief from discomfort associated with Plantar Fasciitis. Not only does this running shoe keep your feet supported but it also helps to ease pressure on areas such as heels and toes while providing additional cushioning throughout each step or stride taken in them!

Customizable Support: BORN Women’s Natalie

Working long hours in the salon as a hairdresser can be exhausting, but with BORN’s Women’s Natalie this problem has been addressed. These clogs come with slip-resistant features and a leather upper for added protection and grip when on your feet all day.

They are equipped with both leather footbed with extra foam that offer customized comfort levels by molding to fit you exactly. These best shoes for hair stylists feature Opanka hand sewn construction creating a long lasting and flexible bond.

These cleverly designed shoes bring together personalized support alongside practical slip resistance technology to give hairdressers just what they need after spending those extra long days at work

Trendy Sneakers for Salon Professionals

For those hair stylists wanting to stay up-to-date on the newest trends, salon shoes – also known as cosmetology shoes or hairstylist shoes – can be both fashionable and functional, sneaker style. This allows for expressing individual styles with stylish footwear at work.

Here are two popular choices: The Altra W Paradigm and the iconic Adidas Ultraboost Lights. Salon professionals have an array of options when it comes to finding suitable styling shoe selections that make a statement about their personal fashion sense in a professional setting.

Altra W Paradigm voted most comfortable shoes for hairdressers

The Altra W Paradigm is the perfect combination of style and comfort. Altra EGO midsoles provide a responsive yet soft ride and the Foot Shape toe boxes allow the toes to relax and spread out naturally- these shoes are sure to make an impact in any salon or hair studio.

Featuring Bio heels, designed to mimic the natural form of your heel for extra support – you won’t have to worry about slipping either! To top it off (its stain resistant materials will ensure that no matter what spills are encountered during service hours at the salon) these comfortable shoes remain looking great season after season.

Stand out from ordinary fashion trends with this sneaker shoe choice: Altra W Paradigm!

Adidas Ultraboost Lights best shoes in the salon and walking

For the feet wear aficionados who prefer a more trendy sneaker look, Adidas Ultraboost Lights offer an attractive yet practical solution. Built with Adidas primeknit- foot hugging uppers that wraps the foot with a supportive fit for both fashion and resilience, the high top skate design makes them perfect for salon environments.

Eco-friendly shoe choice

The Adidas Ultraboost Lights contain parley ocean plastic, a yarn which contains at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic. This is reimagined plastic waste, intercepted on coastal communities and shorelines, preventing it from polluting our ocean.

The non-slip rubber soles will ensure safety from any potential slipping hazards on wet surfaces too! With their expert construction combined with cushioned features, hairdressers display their own individual sneaker style while also taking advantage of its foot support features.

Essential Features for Hairstylists Work Shoes

Now that you have seen the best options for finding the right shoes for hairstylists, be aware of all their features before making that perfect purchase. Consider how factors like arch support, non slip soles, memory insole, wide and flat outsole and cushioning play a part in standing for extended periods of time.

Shoes with the best qualities ensure comfort during salon services without compromising fashion while in the salon!

Best Picks for Shoes Hairdresser Needs- Arch Support

The importance of arch support for hairdressers cannot be overlooked. Arch support helps keep deep aches and strains at bay and protects against potential injuries in the future.

Understanding your type of foot arches is crucial when selecting footwear. Choose the best shoes for YOU that offer both comfort and support that are tailored towards your specific needs.

For those with flat feet or fallen arches in particular, extra cushioning along with enhanced secureness always comes hand-in-hand. Consequently, by choosing shoes relating specifically to your own form leads to greater contentment.

It also provides complete protection from harm too. Finding out what best suits one’s individual needs especially important given its overall beneficial outcome.

Slip Resistant Shoes

When working in the hair salon, a slip resistant shoe should be worn to prevent an accident around slippery floors. Think of water or hair gel on the floor…a potential disaster for stylists!

A shoe with a non-slip sole provides stability and balance as well as long lasting comfort from breathable mesh insoles. Look for good grip, cushioning for absorption from shock and arch support when picking the best shoes for hair stylists.

Comfortable shoes are essential when selecting footwear for hairdressers. Ensure safety and comfort are met while operating within potential slippery environments. Slip resistance soles offer an extra layer of protection against slips or falls during work hours at the salon.

Finding Shoes for Cushioning and Shock Absorption

For a hairdresser who works long hours on their feet, shoes with cushioning and shock absorption technology are crucial. Comfort reduces impact to your ankles, legs, and feet throughout your entire workday.

Extra cushioning also ensures maximum stability during extended periods of standing up which in turn can improve performance while preventing fatigue as well. Investing in proper footwear is incredibly important for any hair professional wanting to make sure they maintain physical wellness while doing so much physical labor.

Choosing the Perfect Salon Shoes

As you search for ideal hairdresser shoes for yourself, it’s valuable to be aware of the brand’s key features and top-rated choices. Don’t just take our list as the only options, ask hairstylist friends, nurses and other service professionals who need style and more comfortable shoes to navigate their careers.

Here are useful tips that will help:

  1. Determine your arch type

  2. Try out several pairs before making a decision

  3. Get guidance from other professional stylists in finding just what you need

The right pair of shoes can make all the difference when providing hair services!

Know Your Arch Type

To get the right shoes that offer the best support, it is important to know your arch type. Three primary categories are low, medium and high arches.

One way to determine what kind of arch you have is by standing on a level surface and checking out how your foot appears. If there’s no curve then you have a low arch.

If there’s slight curve in your arches, then this would be categorized as a medium one. While with an exceptionally visible bend we can say that someone has got high curves or high arches.

With an understanding about your feet when choosing footwear, keeping comfortable throughout any work day will be more achievable than ever before!

Try Before You Buy

Whenever you are looking for shoes, put them on and do a few steps in order to check if they fit properly and are truly the most comfortable shoes for your foot type. Test the heel size, make sure there isn’t any tightness or rubbing.

Doing this assessment will help you find an ideal pair that caters to all of your requirements.

Apart from support and stability, keep an eye out for the design of those shoes. The colors must go with what’s required by the salon’s dress code.

Taking these precautions before buying can save one both discomfort as well as additional costs down the line.

Consult with Fellow Hairdressers for the Most Comfortable Shoes

For finding the most comfortable and supportive shoes that prevent foot fatigue during long hours of standing at work in a salon, seek out advice from other hairdressers. Hearing about what has worked well for other stylists, will save time and money!

Many hairstylists have researched which shoes are best suited to your needs. They have direct experience with these working conditions and the longer they have been working, the better suggestions they will have!

It’s also important to find footwear that fulfills industry-specific criteria such as slip resistance ease when cleaning and good arch support.


To ensure comfort, safety and style in the workplace, it is essential for hairdressers to find their perfect pair of shoes. Investigate your arch type as well as receive advice from other experienced professionals before you make a purchase.

Prioritize features such as cushioning, arch support and slip resistance. With these considerations, you’re one step closer towards discovering that ideal shoe fit for success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes do hairstylists wear?

Many hairstylists wear outfits which incorporate slip resistant shoes, such as Dansko Professional Clogs, Vans Komfycush, Altra W Paradigm that are safe and sturdy. Sporty options like Adidas Ultraboost Lights and ASICS gel noosa are wonderful options for all day standing in school.

What are the best shoes to wear to cosmetology school?

For safety in salons, the best work shoes are those with a rubber sole and either leather or synthetic uppers. This ensures maximum traction when needed most. Both materials are great for walking and sure footing while on your feet during your time in Cosmetology School.

What are the best sneakers for standing all day?

If you’re standing for long periods of time, some great options in sneakers include the Adidas Ultraboost Lights, HOKA ONE and ASICS gel noosa. Many hair stylists choose Hokas and Brooks as well. Don’t wait to develop foot problems, get the most comfortable shoes with a memory foam insole to avoid heel spurs and balance your body weight.

Can I find orthopedic shoes that are also fashionable?

It is possible to get stylish orthopedic shoes which are suitable for any type of work attire. No matter the dress code, you can find fashionable footwear that also provide comfort for your all day standing careers.

Consider getting custom orthotics for other shoes that are your favorite to save money on new shoes. Orthopedic shoes also help to prevent varicose veins and keep the whole foot in good health.

How can I determine my arch type?

To find out what kind of arch type you have, examine the shape of your foot when standing on a flat surface. If you have sweaty feet or swollen feet, wait until the swelling goes down to accurately measure arch type.

If it is not curved and appears flat, this means that you have a low arch. Whereas if there’s only slight curve to your foot – indicating some definition between the heel and ball-of-foot area – then this medium arches. High arches usually signalled by an obvious rise in height along part or most of one’s feet.