Hairstylist Commission Laws Know Your Rights Avoid Misclassification

hairstylist commission laws

Hairstylist Commission Laws Know Your Rights Avoid Misclassification

Visit our Salon Employment Laws Guide if you are concerned about being misclassified or taken advantage of in a salon.

Hairstylist Commission Laws- Know Your Rights Avoid Misclassification- The Sovereign Stylist

ABOUT: The business side of beauty is filled with people who don’t understand hairstylist commission laws. Beauty pros are often taken advantage of & denied worker’s rights. Thus, many beauty industry professionals work without being paid adequately for their time. If you have experienced unethical wage deductions and aren’t sure where to go, we can help.

Since 2018, The Sovereign Stylist has acted as a beacon of education on topics such as law, business management, and salon operations. With plans to grow a dedicated team of non-branded educators to further education in all aspects of the beauty industry. Because we have partnered with lawyers, Certified Public Accountants (CPA), former Internal Revenue Service officials, & former Department of Labor officials. This allows us to raise awareness of misclassification for stylists and salon owners. In such a short time, The Sovereign Stylist has established a network of business professionals across 14 states & continues to grow.

About the founder: I believe in the power of education for small business owners and realized the lack of such education from the beauty industry is a liability. With my background in nonprofits such as Central Nebraska Community Services, Head Start, & Project Homeless Connect, I am equipped with a thorough understanding of nonprofit budgeting, operations, and awareness campaigns. In 2018, I started a small Facebook Group to help educate fellow Booth Renters on the legalities of misclassification. The group’s popularity grew, and I decided to expand the type of content offered and build a nonprofit business out of the result.

Booth Rental Salon Rules

If you are a salon owner, understand the implications of misclassifying salon pros. Know the difference between 1099 and when they are actually employees that you need to pay taxes on. As a salon owner, staff is either an employee or an independent contractor.

Having booth rental salon rules similar to that of a commission salon is skirting the line of misclassification. As a salon owner of independent beauty pros your responsibilities and governance over your staff is limited. Firstly, visit our website for a comprehensive list of the do’s and don’ts of salon ownership. Knowing the laws before you get too deep will save you future salon employment issues! Understanding what hairstylist commission laws apply to you and where to draw the line between employee and independent is important to avoid legal trouble.

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