Importance of Establishing Salon Culture

Salon culture and a feeling of identity is vital to long term success.

With as many options as there are all over the city, you need to stand out. Chairs and jobs are open on every corner with owners making incredible, enticing deals just to get stylists to buy into their salons. What is it that gets licensed professionals to pull the trigger and to STAY? Location? Price? Friends within the salon? Often times those things factor into decisions, however nothing beats the way a salon, spa or barbershop makes you feel. It is not enough to have a good deal, a gimmicky theme, prime location or a cool staff.

Identifying with your surroundings, quality offerings or benefits, being a part of something that fuels your creativity, sense of connection and belonging is what gets the licensed professionals’ attention and keeps them with you, long term. 

What are you known for? Who are you, what kind of hairstylist, barber, nail tech, esthetician or massage therapist are you looking to attract and would you want to work in your environment if you were looking for a new home? Does your current staff try and recommend their friends to work for you? Where do you stand in the scope of fellow area businesses and owners like you?

Struggling with finding and identity or are you feeling as if your brand could use a re-vamp? 

Do some soul searching and talk to your trusted loved ones about how you feel.  Visit other salons that are not in your immediate neighborhood to see what they are doing right. Contact Salonspa Connection to talk to an expert, help find or re-vamp your culture. Sometimes that inspiration is closer than you think, just don’t be afraid to look outside the box.

Contact us today for in house consulting or a virtual visit and implement a better culture in your salon today!