Importance of Establishing Salon Culture

Establishing Salon Culture: A Guide for Salon Owners and Professionals

People choose to work in salons or visit salons as a customer because of the salon’s culture. Establishing salon culture does not happen overnight, it is a slow, steady process that pays off in success, over time.

Hair, nail and skin services are best enjoyed when like minded people feel aligned with the people around them. It can be challenging to define and create a great environment, start by describing the values your company embodies.

Culture is one of those words that is commonly used when describing a salon business, yet is difficult to define. Whether you have a large salon team or you are an independent stylist, learn about creating culture and take the first steps to establish a great company, today!

What is salon culture?

Salon culture is the values you have, your business philosophy, the atmosphere of your salon and the way people are treated in your establishment. Culture is not a tangible thing- we cannot “see” the culture of a salon, it is more the feeling we get as customers or as a salon team.

You, your clients, and your team should embody what type of salon you want to own. While you can’t manage clients as well as your team, you can manage your value system.

When salon owners live their values, employees and clients benefit. Check in with YOU to create your dream team.

Examples of salon culture and values

Examples of salon culture: the values your company or team lives such as: sustainability, charitable relationships, partnership with salon brands, customer service, respect, open communication and honesty.

What are the Core Values of the salon owner?

A great salon culture starts with established core values. Your brand is the representation of the feelings in your head towards how you would like clients and employees to view your business.

Placing these values on your website, throughout social media and in the salon is a great way to introduce both clients and employees to these ideas. Make your guests motivated about your business and rally the team for support.

New clients become life long customers when great services meet stylists they want a relationship with. A focus on money or the constant push to promote doesn’t get anyone excited.

Use your values as tools in education and training for new employees. Incorporate mutual respect and give stylists the power to become great artists.

Stylists who are talked to and treated with respect are more likely to pass respect onto salon guests. Break the tradition in meetings by asking a stylist to speak about their ideas on how the team can focus on their own values.

Does salon culture help with hiring stylists and spa pros?

A salon owner with a great business culture does help in hiring hair stylists and spa professionals. Salon pros want to identify with their surroundings.

Think of your business this way: Describe the type of team member you are looking to attract. What does a hairstylist, barber, nail tech, esthetician or massage therapist you looking to attract, embody?

Would you want to work in your beauty salon environment if you were looking for a new salon home? If your current staff recommends their friends to work for you, this speaks volumes of the salon’s environment.

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Where do you stand?

Where does the salon or spa business stand in comparison to fellow area owners? Would the first half of your team leave if another owner made a similar cultural transition?

Companies offering quality benefits such as education and hair tools, can have the worst culture. If the owners reputation makes stylists choose other locations, it’s time to meet with your team. Empower your team and clients to figure out what the other businesses are doing right, so you can improve.

What are you known for? Is your building close to a summer university that throws great parties and brings in new clients? What about an elite spa with team that has been featured on a famous spa news website?

Be unafraid to be you and be unique. Building your cultural storytelling skills carry owners far in the recruitment game.

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How do I know if a salon has a good culture?

If you are part of something that fuels you on a daily basis, this is a great sign. If you are in an environment that promotes freedom, education and creativity, this means the salon or spa owners value YOU.

A team’s sense of connection and belonging is what gets the stylists attention and keeps them with you, long term. If your team is happy, they will be open to talking.

Open your heart and your door to spa clients, team members, family and friends to get honest feedback on building the salon of your dreams.

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How would you create a positive salon culture?

To create a positive salon culture, employees need to establish trust and have access to the owner. If you have employees or a booth rental team, creating an open communication atmosphere is a great starting point.

Comfort, brand alignment and a sense of belonging are great goals to bear in mind. Hire for motivation and passion, not skills. Technical skill can be taught, but virtue is more ingrained in an employees personality.

Nothing beats the way a salon, spa or barbershop makes you feel. Tap into feelings when creating an amazing salon brand message.

Culture magic starts at the appointment book

The process in which appointments are booked will speak your culture story to the world. Once you have created a great in house hair business value system, start building the clients experience.

Great customer service rakes in the clients. For example: go as far as creating a benefit for your team for whomever gets the best clients review on Google.

Happy clients are so much more fun to deal with than unhappy clients. Make your appointment booking procedure prioritize the clients services experience.

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It’s great to use online booking but a lot can be said for talking to an actual person. Leave this option open for clients to keep the personal touch.

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Why is salon culture important?

Salon culture is important because it’s a feeling of like minded identity that is is vital to long term success. What draws employees in is rarely sign on bonuses or the beauty of your business.

Identity alignment means the core values are the same for both the owner and the team. When stylists identify with your brand, they buy into the success of the business.

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What is the salon in French?

Salon in French culture can mean a variety of things. Based upon our research, the meaning differs across several countries.

In France it means one of 4 things: A gathering of people, a discussion involving liberal women, a nice in home living area and a personal liberty.

Struggling with finding and identity or are you feeling as if your brand could use a re-vamp? 

Do some soul searching and talk to your trusted loved ones about how you feel.  Visit other salons that are not in your immediate neighborhood to see what they are doing right.

Contact Salonspa Connection to talk to an expert, help find or re-vamp your culture. Sometimes that inspiration is closer than you think, just don’t be afraid to look outside the box.

Contact us today for in house consulting or a virtual visit and implement a better culture in your salon today!