Student Hybrid Salon Preferences

Student Hybrid Salon Preferences

More and more Cosmetology Students are choosing Hybrid salons, spas and barber shops. Get a glimpse into student hybrid salon preferences to understand why these new salon pros are opting for this salon business model so early on in their careers.

New hair stylists, barbers, nail technicians, estheticians and massage therapists have come to us, looking for hybrid employment and booth rental opportunities. 

In 2022-2023 we received thousands of new hybrid salon, spa and barbershop employment requests from professionals across the US and Canada.

In this report on hybrid salon professionals statistics, you will learn what experienced beauty pros are looking for and how they identify their needs concerning employment.

The following hybrid cosmetology data was gleaned from US & Canadian hair stylists, barbers, nail techs, estheticians and massage therapists who were actively seeking hybrid salons, spas and barber shops. These pros want to be happy- they clarified their wants, needs and preferences in salon, spa and barber owners in order to find a great, long term fit.

Why are newer Cosmetologists choosing hybrid salons, spas and barber shops? 

Hybrid salons, spas and barber shops both hire and rent to beauty professionals. They are the ideal solution for beauty pros who know they want to rent a suite or a chair someday but are not ready for self employment.

When the new generation of the salon industry becomes aware of Hybrid employment, it frees would-be booth renters from a commitment to long term traditional salon employment. Hybrids also allow those who get into renting too soon the ability to become an employee with the option to rent again, once their business is stable enough to be self sufficient.

This also removes reasons for beauty pros quitting salons due to lack of growth opportunity, which is attractive to salon owners.

What is in Student Hybrid Salon Preferences Fact Sheet

This specific report includes new graduate, hybrid seeking students- hair, esthetics, nail and massage pros.

If you would like specific data on pros who want booth & suite rental, commission salons, salon owners preferences or other student data, visit our main salon industry statistics page.

This report is a snapshot of a ton of salon industry hiring data, to get access to all salon hiring information on our users, you can purchase our reports on this page.

Utilize our hybrid cosmetology student hiring facts to understand how your business fits in. Find out how you can set yourself apart to attract & hire more salon applicants. 

You can get a glimpse into what the full statistics reports contain on our comprehensive non-employee based owners statistics page. 

Students Who Opt for Hybrid Salons and Organic Products 

When asked about how students opting for hybrid salon employment feel about eco-conscious practices, this is the overall data that was provided.

Interestingly enough, new graduates who want hybrid salons, spas and barber shops were not near as fussed on green living as experienced hybrid seeking salon pros

This is potentially caused by a lack of experience or exposure to organic salon products.

Student hybrid salon preferences indicate a more lukewarm attitude on lower toxicity salon products & practices.

graph showing a decrease in interest for organic products in cosmetology students who want a mixed salon work environment
graph showing less crimonal activity for new hair stylists that claim to want freedom in a salon

Criminal Record Facts on Recent Cosmetology Grads Seeking Hybrid

When asked about what type of criminal history our hybrid beauty school students have, this is the overall data that was provided.

Newer cosmetology, barber, nail, esthetics and massage graduates seeking hybrid salon employment largely claim to have a mostly perfect criminal record. 

Over 60% of our student hybrid salon applicants have a clean record. One can wonder if the honesty that goes into declaring “commission employment is temporary for me”, lends itself to a more transparent employee.

Whatever the case may be, the data tells us students opting for Hybrid are among the crowd that has kept crime out of their lives.

Data Shows Student Hybrid Salon Preferences Lean Toward Needing Clientele

When asked if students who prefer hybrid salons need assistance in building a client base, this is the overall data that was provided. 

Interestingly enough, well over 40% of our student users do not feel totally dependent upon salon owners to help them build a robust client base.

In comparison to students who want traditional salon employment, 85% of this crowd feel owners need to supply clientele. 

Hybrid seeking students clearly have a more proactive attitude or potentially they feel more capable of taking matters into their own hands.

chart showing how many clients beauty school students keep after school
salon competition results for new cosmetologists

Do Hybrid Salon Students Have a Competitive Nature?

When asked about how budding hybrid students feel about competition at work, this is the overall data that was provided.

Hybrid salon student users demonstrate a higher level of a competitive nature.

This may be due to the fact that they already have booth or salon suite rental in their sights, or potentially this is just a personality trait of the future of beauty professionals.

If you are the owner of a hybrid salon, spa or barber shop, take note of this ambitious cue from our student data.

Mixed Leadership Needs for Hybrid Beauty Students

When asked about the type of leadership beginner hybrid salon pros want, this is the overall data that was provided.

There is a fairly even divide with attitudes on leadership for aspiring hybrid salon professionals.

While most newer salon professionals need strong leadership, older students with more life experience may be better equipped to handle a more autonomous leadership approach.

The majority of student hybrid salon preferences lean toward wanting a great leadership team.

Students seeking the hybrid salon employment business model should really think through how much support they need to grow.

Clarifying and identifying  strengths and weaknesses and asking questions in the salon interview will help to eliminate hiring mis-matches.

graph showing how beauty school graduates may want better leadership in salons
chart showing favoritism for beauty school graduates and non-corporate salon employment

New Hybrid Salon Grads Prefer Independent Owners

When asked what type of ownership our newer hybrid salon professionals are looking for, this is the overall data that was provided. 

Less than 25% of student hybrid seekers prefer franchise or corporate salons.

Given that very few salons, spas and barbershops are both hybrid and corporate owned, this works out well for this demographic.

The majority of students who prefer hybrid have indicated they also prefer not to be employed by a franchise.

Some cosmetology, barber, nail, esthetic and massage students may not be aware of the fact that there aren’t many corporate hybrid salon jobs available as well.

The salon, spa and barber data does not stop here! 

This report is just a fraction of the statistics we gathered.

Our data is the most comprehensive, impartial employee based, hybrid and booth & suite rental statistics, available. Understanding what is going on in the salon industry promotes long term employment in salons and helps you be in the know of what is happening in the salon, spa and barber industries.

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