Best Salon Hiring Ad Strategies to Attract Quality Salon Professionals

Best Salon Hiring Ad Strategies to Attract Quality Salon Professionals

Hey there salon owner! Susan Wos here, expert salon professional and hair stylist recruiter. In this blog, get the best tips on a salon hiring ad and guidance on where to post your salon jobs for the best bang for your buck.

Hair Salon & Stylist Ads

If you have been posting salon hiring ads for awhile and you haven’t had great results, this may be why. Hair stylists are visual creatures who are immediately bored with long salon job ads.

Position your salon or spa as an opportunity, instead of jobs or a booth rental opening. Lead with great photos and make the salon hiring ads about what the salon professionals will GET.

See what salon & spa owners are posting on our job board.

Include information about your salon, such as how fun it is to work in your atmosphere or that your busy salon brand offers the most innovative products or services.

Next, explain what stylists will get when they work for you. Examples would be: built in clientele, on site receptionist or maybe they can feel like their own boss in a commission salon.

Outline the salon’s best offerings, support, education and helpful traits your salon offers for employees. Use these attributes to write a great salon job advertisement.

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Where should I post my hair salon jobs?

Posting salon hiring ads that get stylists to respond are best accomplished on salon job boards your website and on social media platforms.

Salonspa Connection has the most knowledge on stylists preferences and has a wide reach across the country. You can create a free salon hiring ad or for the most success, opt for marketing with a paid salon job listing.

A well optimized salon website with information for applicants is a must in the modern day. This is a great, evergreen way to recruit and the best way to spend your money for salon hiring ads.

Instagram and Facebook groups are great way to reach stylists who are trying to find jobs. Check out owners who have implemented salon hiring ad strategies to their business on this page.

How do I make an advertisement for my hair salon?

One of the best business skills a salon owner can have is creating hair salon ads that reel in beauty professionals. For a complete guide to salon recruitment, visit this page to learn how to get the most out of your recruitment efforts.

To make an advertisement for your hair salon, start by gathering photos and videos. Next, craft your salon description.

Finally, outline your offer. Think about what the job entails: will you professionally train stylists? Is it full time or part time work? How can stylists join you, by submitting a resume or by scheduling an interview?

How to does salon advertising work?

Salon advertising works best when it doesn’t feel like an ad! Consider your salon hiring ad strategies to be your invitation to both a service provider and hair clients.

Quite literally, no one likes to be constantly sold, but we are bombarded with ads. Get more appointments and fill your hair salon job by demonstrating professionalism and beauty business skills instead of the hard sell to work for you.

Salon Assistant Jobs

If you are looking for a salon assistant job, start with a salon job board. Employers who need a full time assistant should visit a local beauty school or spa program.

Pay and full time work are determining factors when beauty pros go looking for a job. In your post, sell the opportunity and be clear about schedule and benefits.

Find Your Dream Job

Have you struggled to find that great salon? You are not alone! It’s hard to know which salon is the best for you.

We work with salon professionals from across the country looking for full time and part time jobs and booth rental salons. From high end salons like Tricoci Salon, to convenience salons like Great Clips. 

Search for free to find hiring salons or a spa, in your location on our salon job board.

Use These Salon Hiring Tips To Find Your Next Best Employee

Personality and style go far when stylists go to search for a new salon. Determine who you are, first and then look for a responsible salon service pro who will possess the same values.

Salon and spa business owners are the best recruiters out there! Owners who sit around hoping there are advanced services that supply free salon applicants will never see success.

Getting the education on what energetic salon pros are looking for, and translating that into your recruiting efforts is the most effective salon hiring tip we can give. This is your sign to learn how to recruit.

Get A Beautiful Website With Online Marketing Tools

A beautiful salon website can translate into a constant flow of new salon guests and make you thousands of dollars. Online marketing tools include: a great website and social media platforms that perform for your business.

If you are using a salon software account as your website, you are missing out on more business. Get the customization, optimization and editing that resorts to new business with a great salon website.

How do I attract people to my salon?

To attract people to your salon, you must first understand what type of person you want in your salon. Play around with different service types and personality traits your salon business is most aligned with.

If you serve mostly children, having a great color scheme and things that make kids feel comfortable, should be demonstrated in salon advertising. If the salon clientele and employees are more the high end service types you want to attract, promote a more luxurious experience.

Spend the money on a great salon website and focus on strong visuals to draw in more applicants and clients.

How do salons get clients fast?

Salons get clients fast by incentivizing current customers to send in their personal network. Test this theory by offering free salon services or retail products for every new client referral you receive.

The better the incentive, the faster you will gain new salon business.