Challenges, Growth and Change: Revelations From Our Owner

2020, THE YEAR OF CHANGE Late winter of 2020 we were faced with the kind of problem we’ve dreamed of having. With over 250 employers, 300+ open positions throughout Kansas City and the inability to keep up with all of this with our current technology, we were forced to grow. 18 months after the first […]

More Chairs Than Hair Stylists

Opportunity is everywhere… I often wonder when the shift occurred between just enough chairs, suites, rooms and jobs for our industry to what is now a surplus of opportunity. Similar to real estate being a buyer’s market, this is a stylist, barber, nail tech, esthetician and massage therapist’s job market with more choices for places […]

First Salon Industry Headhunter

HEADHUNTER- Susan Wos This was a term I had shied away from in the beginning…now I embrace it and consider it a compliment. Employment in this industry gets STICKY! So much goes into the decisions of hair stylists and other licensed professionals when choosing where to work, often we end up in the wrong salon […]

Importance of Establishing Salon Culture

Salon culture and a feeling of identity is vital to long term success. With as many options as there are all over the city, you need to stand out. Chairs and jobs are open on every corner with owners making incredible, enticing deals just to get stylists to buy into their salons. What is it […]

History of Salonspa Connection

For years, my salon was filled with people all day long. There was ALWAYS someone to talk with and something that needed to be done. I was proud; I had happy employees and happy clients. I had successfully done what I had set out to do. However, by the time I sold the salon, I […]