Salon and Hair Stylist Bios Get the Right Attention for Unlimited Career Growth

Salon and Hair Stylist Bios | Get the Right Attention for Unlimited Career Growth

It’s hard to know what the heck to include or leave out when writing a salon or hair stylist bio. Some of us could go on for ages while others struggle to come up with a few short words.

We gathered a few examples of hair stylist bios and salon bios to get your creative juices flowing! My name is Susan Wos and I help hair stylists find salons to work in and I also list salon businesses for sale.

We also provide a lot of free salon career advice and content as we see hair stylist bio examples, every day, on social media pages. We hope you get what you need for writing the perfect hair stylist bio, in this blog!

Why is a hair stylist bio important and necessary?

A hair stylist bio are words and phrases used on social media pages, websites, printed marketing materials or for public relations, (PR). Writing an enticing bio is important as it is often the first thing a potential new client will see before choosing to book an appointment with you, or not.

Making a good first impression is important, especially when you are trying to get new salon clients. Having a stylist bio is the key to creating awareness about your personal brand, allowing you to attract the right clients to your salon business.

How do you write a bio for a hair stylist?

To write a bio for a hair stylist, first include your first name, salon name and write down a few words or phrases you feel capture your essence. These can be things like:

  1. Blonding Specialist
  2. Master Fade Artist
  3. Certified Haircolorist
  4. Cruelty Free Hairstyling

Decide between a professional tone, playful wording, or making your genuine self shine through. Secondly, choose a few character traits that align with the type of client or follower you would like to have.

A few Hair Stylist bio character trait examples would be:

  1. LGTBQ+ Safe Space
  2. 100% Vegan
  3. Trusted Salon by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
  4. Luxury Men’s Grooming Experience

Thirdly, indicate your location, or locations, if you have multiple salons. Placing your city and state in your professional hair stylist bio makes it easy to decide if your salon is convenient, or not, to new clients.

Finally, create a clear call to action with a link on your bio on social media. Use your booking link, website homepage or create a multi-link with posting software.

Once you have these 4 key points of a stylist bio in mind, experiment with your unique style and ask friends for opinions. A successful business starts with a strong online presence and a well thought out hair salon bio.

What should hair stylists put in an Instagram bio?

A hair stylist bio on Instagram should include the following:

  1. Your name and the name of your salon business.
  2. Words and phrases that capture your essence.
  3. A few characteristics of who you are.
  4. Brief service list/ description of what you do.
  5. Salon location.
  6. Link to learn more and book an appointment with a clear CTA.
  7. Well designed highlight covers
  8. A great photo of you, or your logo as the profile picture.
  9. Extra: A few emojis or alternative fonts to add color and personality.

Where do you use a hair stylist bio?

A hair stylist bio is used on an Instagram profile, TikTok account, Facebook business page, about page on a website, or in news and media introductions. Tweak your hair stylist bio for each platform to reflect the personal touch that appeals to your target audience. Change up your bio to reflect the platform’s character limitations and audience.

Include Your Most Important Accomplishments

There isn’t a whole lot of space on social media bio to truly show your hair styling accomplishments. Let’s say you have received awards for the hairstyling industry or are a certified master in curly hair textures.

Pin great visuals of your accomplishments if there isn’t room in your bio to include all of your achievements.

famous salon instagram bios

Hairstylist bio example for website

Great independent hair stylist bio examples can be found on Brooke Kenyon and Emily Wiens about pages. Both hair stylist bio examples demonstrate who they are, upfront leaving nothing to the imagination of potential clients who are seeking a new hair stylist.

Website visitors know immediately what types of hair coloring services these stylists offer, and what a new client needs to do to make an appointment. Brooke also showcases a first time client discount for hair treatments.

A master hair stylist bio commands respect, demonstrates who the stylist is, and provides salon software links to book an appointment.

Real hair stylist website bios, example #1

Brooke Kenyon: Self Care Advocate & Extraordinarily Talented Hairstylist. Meet Brooke Kenyon and discover how she can help you!

With over 23 years of experience as a hairstylist, Brooke Kenyon is a true industry expert who has mastered the art of hair transformation. Specializing in dimensional blonding, advanced haircutting, and educating hairstylists, Brooke’s passion for creating beauty shines through in every aspect of her work.

​As a big advocate for self-care, Brooke believes that taking care of oneself is essential to overall well-being. She takes the time to understand her clients’ needs, working closely with them to achieve their desired look while promoting a sense of inner confidence and self-love.

​Brooke’s authenticity is palpable, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for her clients. Her genuine approach allows for open communication and a strong connection, ensuring that each visit to her studio is a positive and personalized experience.

Real hair stylist website bios, example #2

Emily Wiens: Why choose me? I specialize in Extensions and Dimensional Blondes.

One of my core beliefs is that each and every client should have the healthiest hair possible. I strive to always use the best products and techniques to allow for the healthiest result.

Science and development in our industry is forever changing, allowing for results that weren’t possible, even 5 years ago. After being certified in a multitude of hair extension options, I have found that IBE® Hand Tied Extension method allows for the absolute healthiest grow-out and seamless installation.

Read Emily’s full hair salon website bio.

How to Write a Magnetic Hair Stylist Bio

Some hair stylists like to write bios that are all about the client. Others make bios that are simply magical and enticing to not only the beauty industry, but potential clients as well.

These hair stylist bio examples are carefully thought out, often funny and highly engaging. The more personal touches, the better when creating a magnetic hair stylist bio.

Most super engaging stylist bios speak to the visitor, reeling them in with thought provoking and sometimes a controversial personal quote. Do what makes sense to the audience you are trying to attract.

Research high profile salons and stylists and use a few social media cues from their profiles. Most of Salonspa Connection’s followers are salon owners and beauty business professionals. Take a peek at a wide variety of professional hair stylists on our Instagram account to generate some ideas!

examples of salon bios on a website

Master Hair Stylist Bio

If you have taken steps in your career to become a master hair stylist, congratulations! Anyone who sees your profiles needs to know you are a master hair stylist, in your bio.

Place safeguards against people who are looking for deals or who are not willing to pay top dollar to sit in your chair. Make pricing highly visible and appeal to your specific ideal clientele to get the best results on social.

New Hair Stylist Bio Examples

Hi there, new stylist! Hopefully you have experimented with posting on social and you already have a decent bio from your time in school.

NOW it’s time to up your game! Take a good look at your friend’s bio examples and pick things out that you like, and make note of the stuff that doesn’t appeal to you.

Change up your bio as you get more experience and learn from the hair salon pros around you who have great bios!

The Bridal Hair Stylist bio

Luxury, elegance, romance and beauty are excellent words to use for a bridal stylist bio. Whichever style you most align with, put that foot forward in everything you do!

Make sure to put a link to all of your amazing testimonials in your bio. Brides tend to scour hair salon reviews before contacting you!

Barber Bio Examples

Depending on what kind of client you are trying to attract, the barber’s bio should reflect your style and appeal to the kind of guys you want in your chair. Take My Cuts Travel’s bio examples.

Owner, Tahki started out traveling around cutting college athlete’s hair. Now his barber brand has gotten so big, he has expanded to become a high end owner of an exclusive membership barber shop.

What makes a great salon bio?

What makes a great salon bio is the ability to translate your message to potential clients in the first person, and getting visitors to take action on your opportunities. Social media is a bit of a long game… we have extensive experience in getting followers to take action, and trust me, it can take a while!

Clients love knowing about you. Give your bio personal touches while keeping it professional.

The goal here is to get potential customers to be aware of your opportunities, engage with your account, align with your brand and take action.

What is the difference between a hair salon bio and a biography?

A bio is a short, fun snapshot of your business, designed to turn heads on social media. A biography is a longer form description of your business, accomplishments and your career.

Biographies are used in a business plan, for podcasts, television appearances, on media publications and your salon website. Biographies are also written in both short and long versions to utilize on different publication platforms.

Short biography for hairdressers

A hairdresser biography is in a longer format, between 30- 120 words and a more professional version of a social media bio. A short biography gives the reader a quick taste of your career and credentials.

Short biography example & template

Short hair stylist biography example, we will use mine for demonstration purposes.

Susan Wos is an entrepreneur, hair stylist, salon industry expert on employment and booth rental compatibility, and the founder of Salonspa Connection, a service designed to help salon professionals find the right salons so they can have long-term, fulfilling careers.

To learn more about Susan, go to:

Writing a long hair stylist biography

A long version of a hair stylist biography would be for your salon business website, speaking engagements and pitches for television appearances. These are much more comprehensive and should demonstrate not only your hairstyling skills, but be written in the third person.

If you are lucky enough to get picked to be in Vanity Fair or featured with Paul Mitchell schools, a long form biography will come in handy. Below you will find my long form biography, feel free to use it and tweak your own bio- this is simply a template for your hair stylist biographies!

Long form Hair Stylist Biography Examples & Template

Susan Wos is an entrepreneur, hair stylist, salon industry expert on selling businesses, employment and booth rental compatibility, and the founder of Salonspa Connection, a service designed to help salon professionals find the right career opportunities so they can have long-term, fulfilling careers.

Having started as a hairstylist turned salon owner, Susan witnessed the control product companies had over the salon industry, the lack of resources for owners ready to sell their businesses and transient nature of the industry, where stylists often have as many as five jobs within their first ten years – or even leave the industry altogether.

She’s realized that these issues often stem from a lack of knowledge and a mismatch of expectations between hair stylists and salon owners, which leads to frustration on both sides, as well as unnecessary expenses, tedious admin work, uncertainty, and unpredictable cash flow.

In an effort to solve this, Susan created Salonspa Connection, a non-brand affiliated platform that welcomes all members of the salon industry.

She regularly speaks at trade schools to help students with a better understanding of what a career in the industry entails and educates both salon owners and licensed professionals on how to find the right people and opportunities that will bring them fulfillment and stable cash flow.

After having helped hundreds of salon owners sell their businesses and fill gaps in their teams, Susan has emerged as a leader in both career & business education and opportunity in an industry that is very divided.

Originally from Kansas City, Susan now serves clients internationally through her robust online platform. She lives in Kansas City with her two children and her cat, Venus.

To learn more about Susan, go to:

what should a hair stylist biography include?

The perfect length

Whatever your goal is for your business, attracting new salon clients or maybe you need a lot more clients, digital marketing with a short and sweet bio is the way to go. People just don’t read long text these days.

Be direct, showcase your hair stylist bio with bright colors, great photos and let the strong visuals do the work for you. A potential client who is right for you will find their way to you, regardless of the length of your bio.

Showcase Your Personality

So, you are a top colorist who just moved to a new city and you need to grow a client base. Demonstrating your love for your new hometown and letting people know you are the hot new hairstylist in town is a great way to invite clients into your world.

Sometimes we need to adapt our messaging and style to suit clients in unfamiliar areas. Hairstylist bios are just the start- show a lot of YOU, what you do, client love from the past and lead with your personality.

How else can you promote your beauty business online?

One of the best ways to promote your beauty business online is by blogging. A targeted blog post enhances the words you would like to be found for in search engines and allows a unique space to demonstrate your diverse skills and style.

What better way to show clients you are the best hairstylist than to write solutions, ideas and suggestions that meet their individual hair problems. Salonspa Connection can help by writing blogs for you or by an individual coaching session on dominating your salon niche.

Think of it this way…you probably found us because you were searching for hair stylist bio examples or ideas. This was no accident and we can assist your salon brand’s online growth as well.

Contact us to learn more about our content marketing services for hair stylists and salon owners.


I hope you have found our blog on hair stylist bio examples helpful! Don’t hesitate to reach out, should you need help in your career or in your salon business.

Yours in service,

Susan Wos