Effective Salon Social Media Strategies by Salonspa Connection’s Social Media Manager

Effective Salon Social Media Strategies | By Salonspa Connection’s Social Media Manager

Posting on social media platforms is a wonderful way to grow your salon business! In this blog we will give a little advice on what I see to be the most effective salon social media strategies.

Hi there! My name is Lindsay Marchand, I am the social and brand manager for Salonspa Connection! I look at hairstylist’s and salon’s social media strategy, every day so I have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social.

There are so many great ideas for social media strategy, here is my take on what I see working best on salon social channels!

Choose your Salon Social Media Platforms

The three main platforms I see that are most effective are: Instagram, TikTok and a Facebook page and posting in Facebook groups. To start, explore each social media platform with your personal account, make a note of what you like and what you don’t like for your own marketing strategy.

Effective salon social media strategy fosters communities and relationships in the digital world. YES it is your chance to implement marketing strategies but accounts that are the most successful create and maintain relationships while giving visitors a sense of community.

Salon owners have a lot to manage, choose which social channels are easiest for you or your manager to navigate. You do NOT have to be on all 3, choose one to create a social media presence to get off and running.

My favorite salon social media posting software is Later. It helps me manage multiple platforms and gives me the best analytics so I can continue to grow our platforms.

Give Later a try with a free trial here!

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Determine Your Target Audience

One of the biggest parts of getting new clients is understanding who it is you want sitting in your chair. I often see salons post photos of hair they do not want to be doing!

Think about your ideal clients…what kind of services do they want to have? What is their budget? Where do they spend their free time?

Once you have an idea of who it is you want sitting in your chairs, structure a social media strategy around what they would find appealing. Mix up the posting “call to actions” and check out other salons to see what they are doing right!

Set Goals for Your Hair Salon Social Media Strategy

We all have different ideas of what success on social looks like. Some of us just want the vanity of a ton of followers, while others truly want new salon business flowing in from our online assets.

Start to set goals by outlining what you feel is a successful outcome. This can be anything from a new Facebook page follower booking an appointment to clients sharing your work on their social channel.

Determine how and why your social marketing strategy worked and repeat the good stuff! Please remember to always mix it up a bit or your clients may get bored and not be as motivated to send friends via word of mouth.

How do I promote my salon on social media?

To promote your salon on social media, start with focusing on which platform you are most comfortable with. Get content ideas down on paper, take photos, videos and just start posting!

What works and what doesn’t work can be determined once you have a few posts to evaluate.

What are the 4 P’s of marketing for a salon?

The 4 P’s of marketing for a salon are posting, patience, persistence and personality. Social media channels are not grown overnight. Incorporate each “P” into your social media strategy.


Post with confidence and demonstrate a variety of imagery and messaging. Bear in mind who you are posting for- potential clients or maybe even a new hire!

Using compelling and authentic images is essential when building an effective strategy.


If you are a salon owner and you expect immediate results, you will be disappointed! Social takes time, encourage existing clients to support you while your salon marketing ideas take shape.

Posting consistently breeds results, this doesn’t mean posting every day, but find a happy medium.


Posting images consistently pays off! If you are a once a month type of person, your social media account will still grow, but very slowly.


People don’t want to only see your work. People want to know who you are, and why you do what you do within the salon industry.

Demonstrate who your salon and your team (if you have one) are through great captions and strong imagery.

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What is the best social media for hair salons?

Instagram is the best social media for hair salons in 2023. TikTok is the most popular with the younger audience, if this is the age of your ideal client or employee, focus your efforts on TikTok.

Local Facebook groups that are for moms or women can be a great tool to find clients. Post in large, local Facebook groups and try posting services on marketplace to get a boost of new business.

How do I attract more customers to my hair salon?

The best way to attract more customers to your hair salon is through a great website, since clients want to find services close to their home. Potential clients want to know who you are and what they are getting into, before they walk through your doors.

A well designed website the best ongoing marketing tool for salons, spas, barbershops and independent beauty professionals. Once your salon website is funneling new clients to your chair, focus on which social channels your ideal audience spends the most time on.

Top 5 Hair Salon Social Media Content Ideas

The top 5 best hair salon content ideas to repeat are:

  1. Who we are. Demonstrate your salon or hairstylist culture story by showing clients, (and other industry pros), who you are through visuals.

  2. What we do. This differs from who you are- show off before and afters and take your followers with you when you are out and about!

  3. Specials or promotions. Holidays, slower times or giveaways are opportunities to market yourself by prioritizing the client’s needs. Last minute openings, announcements and specials go far when they are not overdone.

  4. Engaging questions. Hey, we all love to talk about ourselves! Put engaging questions in your content calendar on repeat!

  5. Entertain your followers. Funny, strange or just plain wild ideas are popular on social. On TikTok, this is especially true. Clients love to laugh and be entertained, give them something to talk about on their next visit!

Check out what we post on Salonspa Connection’s Instagram account to get an idea of how to promote a variety of salon ideas!

What should I post on social media for my salon?

Whether you own a salon full of hairstylists or you are a salon suite renter, posing on social is one of today’s most important aspects of business. The key to a successful social account is variety and engagement.

It is tempting to post nothing but promos or trying to get people to take action on your services, remember the 3 key elements to include in your content calendar. Engage, entertain and promote.

Mix these 3 categories together along with engaging with other accounts for a great posting schedule!

Salon Recruiting Strategies on Social Media Platforms

Social can be a great place to recruit for your salon, if you have open positions to fill. Today’s salon professional looks at your social media before they contact you about a job or a booth or suite to rent.

Having a great online presence- an attractive salon website and social that demonstrates who you are is one of the best ways to hire! Show your team, the kind of services and clients you see to turn your online assets into a salon recruiting machine!

Share news about your team

One of the best tactics to attract the right clients and salon staff is by featuring wins in your salon. Did a stylist get promoted or have a significant event in their personal life?

Showing who your team is not only helps recruit new customers, it shows you are a supportive owner who cares about your team.

Mix in funny and entertaining posts along with accomplishments or team milestones. Make your team feel valued and gain new business by putting your culture story out there for everyone to see!

Contact Lindsay for a Consultation or a Class

I love helping salons and beauty pros grow their online presence! Read more about me on this page and book a time to chat with me to see how I can help you!

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