Optimal Salon Business Administration Techniques

Optimal Salon Business Administration Techniques

Whether you are an experienced salon owner, salon manager or are new to the industry, understanding the best beauty salon business administration techniques is the key to creating profit. In this blog, we will explore several salon ideas and programs to make your life easier and optimize your work performance.

What are the key factors to consider when setting up a salon?

Key factors to consider when setting up a salon are location, employment structure, design cost, ongoing expenses and the sustainability of your salon plan should disruptive life events occur.

Setting up a salon is fun and exciting, but the plan for long term success should be well thought out.

What is the role of a salon administrator?

A salon administrator role describes the person responsible for keeping the business side of a beauty salon running smoothly. This can include monthly staff meetings, social media planning, marketing, financial responsibilities, and providing customer services.

Salon owners tend to take on the role of a salon administrator until they can hire a good salon manager, and create a loyal and engaged team they can trust.

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What is the best business structure for a salon?

The best business structure for a salon is one that prioritizes the customer experience and creates the most profit. This can be achieved by writing a solid beauty business plan and deciding if you are best suited for employee based or non-employee based businesses.

Learn more about which beauty salon owner business structure will work best for you in this blog.

Quality of Life for Beauty Salon Owner

Being a busy beauty salon owner can make it difficult to create a great work/ life balance. Even a solo salon owner struggles with making enough time for family, a great client experience and beauty biz management.

We see stylists all the time that quit their job to become a salon owner, without having a solid plan to have a quality life, pay and beauty salon biz balance. By learning to establish boundaries, such as setting hours you are willing to communicate with your team or clients is the first step to increasing your quality of life.

If you are managing too much- salaries, marketing, customers services or more, consider working with a salon mentor who can help in every aspect of salon ownership.

How do I manage my beauty salon business?

To manage a beauty salon business, add as much systemization and automation to your daily operations as possible. Working with a salon owner expert is a great way to learn about where you can minimize your workload and maximize profit.

Create a marketing plan

Salon marketing is an essential part of growing a beauty salon empire. Even if you are in a position to where you are fully booked, clients move, hairstylists quit and the economy takes a toll on our industry.

With a marketing plan, you have actionable steps and salon advertising ideas ready to go when you need them. For example: are you better with a digital marketing strategy like on social media? Or maybe you are best with in person networking strategies?

Wherever your strengths lie, seek the advice of salon marketing experts to ensure you have the best strategies in place.

CRM system

One of the best things beauty salon owners can do is get organized! Clients love when they can expect their services to not be complicated by paperwork or an outdated scheduling system.

A CRM or “customer relationship management system”, is a great way to not only keep client information organized, a CRM makes managing salons easier. Keep reading to learn more about salon CRM software for customers, staff members and inventory management.

Is there any app for salon business?

There are several apps for salon business, from beauty business management to customer prepay apps to inventory management systems. Outline which aspects of running your salon you need help with the most, and read below to get ideas on which app is best for you.

salon management software

Hair Salon Management Software

Salon business administration tasks are easier to manage when you have the right salon software. Software offerings are far beyond just for online booking hair appointments in the modern day.

The best salon software addresses issues where salon owners are spending a lot of time in salon management. Let’s explore salon software platforms that can help your day to day business management.

What is a salon management software?

A salon management software are websites, apps and software plug ins that make running a beauty salon biz easier to manage. There are over 900 different kinds of salon management softwares available, read on to learn about which beauty industry app will work best for your business.

Booksy salon software is located in San Francisco if you are looking to support a local salon brand.

Appointments and online booking software

Whether you have a large salon team or you are a solo beauty entrepreneur, there are hundreds of online booking options out there for you.

Staff management and scheduling software for teams

Some of the more popular, cost effective softwares for a salon or spa team are: Boulevard, MangoMint and Phorest.

Solo beauty salon owners scheduling softwares

Gloss Genius, StyleSeat and Vagaro offer great features for booth renters and salon suite owners. Some of these companies also offer the ability to get new clients through their programs!

Capterra, a software review company will give you a side by side comparison of all salon software so you can make an informed decision for your beauty business management.

Client and Employee Recruiting Salon Software Companies and Apps

Software is not limited to scheduling customers. Take for example, Enlightened Hire, an applicant management and salon staff recruitment tool works well for discerning owners who are serious about hiring.

In Boston, the VerVery app will help match you with new clients and salon employment opportunities.

If you are a salon owner in the beauty industry with hiring needs, the best place to list the salons’ job is on Salonspa Connection’s website.

salon inventory waste

Salon Client Consultation Software Apps

Save time in your daily operations with a digital consultation app. The Hair App allows clients to order retail products and log all of their information in one place.

Join Mya is an excellent tool to streamline new clients scheduling to match with the best team member. Kati and her team offer a ton of great support if you are a salon owner in their program.

Salon Waste Inventory Management Software

Need to focus on profit and financial well being? Color waste is one of the top expenses in any salon’s location.

Check out Vish and Salon Scale to get a better handle on salon inventory management and waste.

How can I effectively manage the day-to-day operations of my salon?

Managing the day-to-day operations of a salon requires focusing in on the parts of your business that can be streamlined. Reduce expenses and energy spent on tasks that can be automated or better systemized with salon software.

Having a great salon business plan before opening a new salon helps you understand what to expect and what types of things you will need to pay for to make management easier.

How do I stay up-to-date with industry trends and new technologies to keep my salon competitive?

You can stay up to date with industry trends and technologies to keep your salon competitive by joining salon owner Facebook groups, reading salon industry blogs and publications and by listening to salon podcasts.

5 salon software features that will improve your business

The 5 most popular features in salon software are: Online booking, inventory management, managing finances, recruitment and new customers salon team assignment.

Support from a salon management app

Salon owners who utilize a salon management app receive top notch customer service. A salon management app relies on customer feedback to grow and can offer the better support for salons than product companies. A digital business invests heavily on supporting salons through their technology.

salon management app

How can I manage my salon finances, including expenses and revenue?

You can manage salon finances, expenses and revenue with a more simple accounting program like Quickbooks or with a more comprehensive salon software program.

Capterra is not affiliated with the salon industry, therefore they provide a non-biased platform for quality reviews and feedback from salon owners. Capterra has every salon software on the market on their revew list so you can make an informed decision.

10 Tips for creating an exceptional client experience in your salon, spa or clinic

The client experience is the most valuable thing a salon owner can offer! Read this blog to get the 10 best tips for salon, spa or clinic customers.

Free ultimate guide: 100+ ways to grow your salons, spas or clinics

From marketing tactics on social media to in person events, growing beauty salon businesses is Grow A Salon’s specialty. Check out thier blog for the most innovative a free guide to growing your beauty business as big as your dreams can get!

Build a strong team as a salon manager

Every salon owner wants to support management in growing the team. As a manager, here are the areas to find support from the salon owner in order to strengthen the salon’s team:

  1. Define the salon’s culture and values

  2. Get a great hiring process down

  3. Support the staff with training, personal and career development

  4. Promote open, honest and effective communication

  5. Get clear on expectations

  6. Reward and encourage collaboration

  7. Give recognition

  8. Delegate fairly

  9. Nip conflict in the bud

  10. Allow for growth

  11. Lead by example

  12. Have regular meetings

  13. Give positive feedback

  14. Promote work-life balance

  15. Celebrate each other

Take your time when hiring your salon employees

Rushing through the interview process and hiring fast will almost always result in a short term salon employee. Using salon hiring tools like Enlightened Hire will perfect the hiring process while giving you extreme insight to cut through the time wasters!

Our top tips for introducing targets to your team include

#1 best tip is to make it about what THEY get! You can quite literally reach every goal and target for your team when a salon owner understands the salon staff’s motivation.

Build excitement around your target goals and reward stylists with milestone incentives. Remember that every person has different motivation for specific rewards.

Start with a team vote and provide the ability for hairstylists to create their own rewards for reaching the salon’s targets.

How do I train and manage my staff to provide quality services to clients?

  1. Lead by example. If you set the bar, this sends cues to the staff to uphold the standards of the salon owner.

  2. Allow salon staff to provide the services they love. Forcing staff to do services they hate will make them dread working for you.

  3. The salon owner should provide education. Don’t expect an award winning salon if your team doesn’t have the skills!

  4. Ask clients for feedback. Openly reward staff members who uphold your quality services standards.

Salon Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section or our website to search for more resources that help beauty salon owners, salon managers and beauty industry professionals.

What is a salon management class?

A salon management class is online or in person events where salon owners and management receive training on how to operate their beauty salon businesses with success.

Find a salon management class taught by an experienced salon coach to learn essential beauty business profit and team skills.

How do I manage my new salon business?

Managing a new salon business can be challenging, talking with experienced professionals is the first step to getting your salon to run smoothly. Schedule with a salon recruiting expert, or a beauty salon mentor for new ideas and strategies.

How do I become a successful salon owner?

Becoming a successful salon owner is dependent on your ability to understand the salon industry, and where to meet the highest demand for services and employment. A beauty salon business plan should be written to create a beauty business roadmap.

Chat with a beauty salon consultant or coach that serves your best interests and can guide your revenue success.

What is a salon business worth?

A salon business worth can be calculated by assessing the physical assets you have, online assets that produce results and any attributes your beauty salon has that can be passed onto a new owner.

If you are thinking about selling your beauty salon business, get an exit strategy in place and learn about how to sell your salon in this seminar.

Estimate Salary for Beauty Salon Owners online for free

Each state offers statistics on beauty salon owners salaries, but there are no statistics that demonstrate the differences between a booth rental and commission salon owner.

What you can make in Kansas City will not be the same as Chicago, San Francisco or New York.

For the most accurate salon owner salary pay information, it is best to get information from groups or salon consultants that have similar salons to yours, to accurately estimate a salon owner salary.

how much does a salon owner make?

Reflect on previous years and update your goals

We have ups and downs as a salon owner, try not to focus on the immediate past for salon current evaluation. Celebrate past wins and focus on how to make what has worked well, work again with a new twist!

See Beauty Salon Owners Salaries in Other Areas

Salaries for Beauty salon owners vary greatly from country to country and by business type. Contact a salon consultant group to get an idea of what a salon owner salaries are, outside of your immediate network.

How can Beauty Salon Owners Make More Money?

Beauty salon owners can make more money by considering growth potential.  By renting to or hiring salon and spa professionals, this increases your ability to have more income.

Adding new services, raising prices and selling more salon retail will bring in more money. With great salon marketing, this opens up more ways to bring in more cash.

Adding Salon Affiliate Retail

Making more money means better pay. Implementing change is the first step. If your salon or spa is not moving retail fast enough or you want to expand your retail offerings, consider adding professional salon brand affiliate programs into your offerings.

Hire more hairstylists, nail technicians and estheticians to make more money

A salon owner is limited by hiring or adding booth renters to the salon, only if you don’t have the space to accomodate more salon staff. If your salon has been booth rental only or straight commission, consider going to the hybrid salon model.

Is finding salon professionals to work in your salon has been a struggle? Consider consulting with a salon hiring expert.

If you are unsure as to why you can’t attract more hairstylists to your salon, to find out how you may be able to improve on your recruiting efforts.

How Much do Beauty Salon Managers Make?

Beauty salon managers make anywhere from $20,000 per year up to $400,000 per year. Pay for staff members in management largely depends on whether they are generating service income on top of management pay. Variables for manager pay are also full or part time, what responsibilities they have and the profitability and size of the salon.

A junior manager at Great Clips will not make the same as a multi location, high end beauty salon manager. Where you work makes all the difference!

Search salon manager jobs to get an idea of what is available in your area.

What is a cash flow forecast and why is it important?

A salon cash flow forecast is a prediction about how much cash flow you will have in the future. This is based upon what past cash flow amounts are.

Cash flow forecast is important for a salon owner to understand how much they will need to pay in expenses and what the profitability will be in the future.

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