The Complete Guide to Salon Recruiting

The Complete Guide to Salon Recruiting

Need a few tips and tricks for better salon recruiting?  Whatever your level of expertise is for hiring in your salon, let us add a few more tools you your salon owner skill arsenal!

In this complete guide to salon recruitment, we will address what works & what doesn’t work, when striving to attract hair stylists.

Understand why beauty pros choose certain salon jobs & booth rental, over others.

Ready to dive into Salon Recruitment?

Owner’s salon career postings go unseen on expensive job boards, like Indeed.

Jobs or chair rental get a bit lost in the sea of opportunity. So, what’s the key to filling salon businesses with happy stylists?

Here’s a secret most salon owners don’t knowsalon pros aren’t looking on Indeed for salons to work in. They are looking at your website and social media BEFORE you hear from them!

STOP wasting time and money on platforms like Ziprecruiter and Indeed and learn what successful salon recruitment looks and feels like, in the modern day.

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Salon Recruitment Lesson

Learn about how to implement effective salon recruitment into your business. Successful recruiting goes far beyond a salon hiring post or an ad. Join Susan Wos in a private session with the Salon Owners Networking Group and Kim Russell.

The Magic Pill to overcome your biggest hiring challenges in the beauty industry

Salon recruitment is a science…a formulation that involves two key  pieces of success.

  1. A great offer from owners. This means, your salon is a positive place to work, with fair compensation & hours and an environment that stylists can thrive in.
  2. The ability to reach your ideal salon professionals. This means the effort, drive, messaging, reputation and platforms you recruit on.

The post and pray just doesn’t work. There is no magic pill to solve immediate or long term hiring needs.

Once owners understand WHERE to show up and HOW to invite pros into your business, the rest is easy. For all owners who have more than a few chairs in their salons, recruiting is an ongoing effort that should never be shut down.

We help salons, spas and barbershops hire through education and salon employment marketing for your open positions. We understand salon industry and why some salons do well with recruitment, and why some salons struggle.

If this blog doesn’t satisfy all of your salon recruitment questions, explore our free resources for salon owners. Read on to get the hiring deets from the foremost expert in salon recruitment, Susan Wos.

What is a salon recruitment plan?

A salon recruitment plan is the strategy that has worked well in the past, and your plans to try new recruiting tactics in the future. Understanding the statistics on what hair stylists want from owners allows you to create a solid plan to attract the right qualified candidates.

Design and launch a strategy to recruit hair stylists

The #1 way to recruit hair stylists is to have a relevant offer that is current with the salon workforce demands. All other salon recruitment efforts are dependent on your OFFERINGS.

4 keys to the perfect salon recruiting plan

Salon recruitment is much more than paying for a salon job ad. Get these 4 must-haves in your salon recruitment plan!

  1. Achieve high visibility through salon website SEO, social media and posting jobs in the right places.

  2. Establish a great reputation. Salon pros TALK, make sure your salon is a place current stylists want to work in.

  3. Focus on building relationships. Visit beauty industry schools, classes and networking events.

  4. Always be open to interviewing. Closing down recruitment efforts is detrimental to a salon’s business growth.

Work out the type of candidates you want to attract with a salon job ad

Did you know that hair stylists make the decision to apply to your salon in the first 5 seconds of the salon’s impression?

Whether they find your website, your salon job listing or peep your Instagram account, a decision to keep looking into your salon is very fast.

Think about the type of salon pro you want working for you. PUT THAT FOOT FORWARD on your website and social media to attract the right people.

Get more hairstylist applicants with the right tool for the job

Let’s say you are doing all you can on the stylist attraction plan. There are times when you may need a boost with a salon job posting or a salon hiring pre qualification tool.

Keeping your salon visible to your target audience is key to ongoing recruitment success. By keeping your recruiting funnel open, you will attract the best talent to your salon.

Creating a Salon Job Ad

The two most important salon job ad points are: demonstrating who your salon is to stylists and what they get when they work with you. SKIP a salon job description and long, drawn out details.

Write a hair stylist job description that gets all eyes on you

No one reads long salon job ads! Point out the things that matter to stylists, make it about them and open the door to a new relationship.

Use strong visuals with people in your photos, to maximize results with the ad spend. Check out our job board to see what salon owners across the US and Canada write for their job descriptions.

Create an Online Portfolio

Gone are the days where we have a physical portfolio. Modern day salons’ portfolio is on your website and social media.

Strong visuals that represent the culture of the salon is the best portfolio showcase- social media.

Is a salon portfolio still relevant?

A salon portfolio is still relevant and best achieved through a great website, on Instagram or TikTok.

The Power of Building a Strong Team

Find out how to build a strong salon team in this blog.

fun salon pics

Solid Brands Attract Better Professionals

If you can easily translate what your brand’s story is to qualified candidates in an interview process, you are on the right track.

If you are struggling with culture and identity, learn how to attract more candidates in this blog.

Recruit salon staff who vibe at every level

If you want stylists to buy into your brand, the hard work in cultivating the right salon vibe, pays off! Always invite interested potential employees in for a day, just to spend time in the salon.

Encourage new staff to buddy up with managers or senior stylists. Give proper education on what it is your “vibe” means, and provide access to your most valued hair cutting team.

Let new talent can soak in the best example of what the ideal person on your team encompasses.

Promote Your Hair Salon Culture Daily

Salon business owner! If you have an awesome culture but are not telling your story on social media, you are missing a great opportunity.

Show off your team, demonstrate talent and talk about the benefit of working for your beauty business.

Styling professionals are paying attention to the salon brands who are putting their culture story on social and on their website. Market yourself through your online assets!

Learn more about how to create a great salon culture here.

Other places to list your salon hiring ads – in the USA

Outside of our Salon Connection, access to companies that connect your with quality hairstylists! Check out Enlightened Hire and VerVery for Boston’s best salon jobs.

Featured Career Opportunities

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How do you assess the technical skills of a hair stylist during an interview?

Let’s start by saying technical skills can be taught, personality is the way to hire. If you need to have a technical interview, focus on the skillsets that are most needed in your business.

Make a plan to hire for values and train on the service skills that can be taught through quality education.

What qualities do you look for in a successful hair stylist?

The qualities to look for in a successful hair stylist are accountability, drive, great customer service, creativity, willingness to learn, adaptability and an ability to lead the conversation without being overbearing.

What training opportunities do you offer your hair stylists?

Expecting stylists to work for an hourly or commission salon without training is a road to nowhere! Our best tips?

Offer a variety of ongoing educational opportunities, in and outside of your location. Manage expectations of attendance and don’t be afraid to make attendance mandatory if you are paying staff to attend.

What kind of schedule and working hours can hair stylists expect at your salon?

GONE are the days of the 40 hour work week! Beauty service providers have a lot of options these days.

What is the career path for a hair stylist at your salon?

Make the path to high achievement clear. Allow new staff to design a career path that is most appealing to them.

Work with stylists to achieve career goals together! In order to have loyal stylists who sing your praises and recruit for you, prioritizing their career opportunity goals paves the path for everyone’s success.