How Salon Tech Helps Owners & Independent Beauty Professionals

How Salon Tech Helps Owners & Independent Beauty Professionals

Salon tech…what is this and how can you integrate salon technology into your business without causing more headaches? Sometimes we get the shiny new tool or program that is designed to provide solutions to our business problems.

The latest trends can be inviting to hop on board with, but do they really help stylists, owners and estheticians? In this blog, learn about your many options for salon tech tools, how to set realistic expectations, save valuable time and create efficiency in your salon or spa, today!

What is salon technology?

Salon technology, (and spa tech), is the act of integrating software, apps and or physical tools into your businesses for enhanced performance. Technology in the salon can be anywhere from apps to book appointments to increased website engagement programs to tools that create better hairstyles.

New technology is being developed and launched, everyday. Stay on top of trends and get the knowledge you need to decide which salon technology works best in your business.

Salon Tech Goals

Salon tech has two main goals.

  1. Collect data to use for scheduling, customer or employee management, services and income tracking and to create efficiencies within a business.

  2. Physical products enabling a stylist, salon owner or esthetician to have the advantage of technology to enhance services, diagnose clients problems or generate new income streams.

Deciding which salon tech tools to utilize in your businesses largely depend on your needs.

BEFORE you buy or subscribe to new tech, opt for free trials to test a system or product. This will help you get the complete picture of how the technology integrates into your specific needs.

Salon & Spa Tech Tools

If you Google salon tech you are going to get a lot of information and likely not get an answer to what you are searching for! Below is a short list of different technologies and terms to use in searches, specific to individual salon tech needs.

  1. Salon appointment softwares. Vagaro, Gloss Genius and Style Seat.

  2. Salon inventory management systems. Rosy, Boulevard and Vish.

  3. Salon recruitment technology or salons hiring apps. Enlightened Hire and Salonspa Connection.

  4. Reputation management for salons. Daysmart and Phorest.

  5. Salon websites. Salonspa Connection and Grow A Salon.

  6. Hair color management. Salon Scale and Vish.

  7. Beauty salon management softwares. SalonBiz, Zenoti and Insight.

  8. Salon consultation software/ Virtual Imaging. The Hair App and Join Mya.

  9. Hair loss tools/ LED. iRestore and HairMax

What technology is used in cosmetology?

The technology used in cosmetology are educational programs, marketing tools, hair salon promotions management systems, customer appointment reminders and scheduling, contact organization, communication softwares and hair tools to enhance service performance.

What is the best software for a hair salon?

The best software for a salon is the program that meets the salon’s individual needs. Therefore, choose a platform that meets all of your business needs or at least most of them.

Furthermore, often salon tech will integrate with other industry leader programs. So, if you love one platform, such as Square appointments, for its simplicity, but you need other solutions, focus on which integrations, such as Quickbooks, work with your favorite programs.

Salon Recruitment Technology

Setup and track success with these salon tech ideas

The goal with any salon tech is client happiness and less work for hair salons.

For instance, your client wants heat-free, smooth hair. Moreover, they have a lot of past damage to contend with, so the client is on edge about any hair treatment services.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a program your team can use? This program would give the client details on the many options for services and products.

Imagine a client refers one of her friends to you because of your attitude towards preventing heat damage to the hair. You send a link for your consultation service that is a fully automated process.

Furthermore, the salon tech assesses hair type, past chemical treatments, does a facial analysis, collects inspo pics, recommends a stylist, books an appointment AND sends product recommendations?!?! Just think of how much time and money this would save salons and hairstylists! 

Salon Recruitment Technology

Or what about help for hiring salons? Hair salons seem to always need experienced hairstylists for employment or to rent a booth.

Think of how much time and energy salon recruiting tools would save owners and stylists looking for a new salon to work in? Salon tech is not limited to appointments or inventory management, think outside the box and implement better salon technology into your businesses.

What is the future of hair salons?

The future of hair salons is rooted in salon tech advancements. We envision softwares to be fully integrated with comprehensive offerings to manage consumers, website marketing, appointments management, employees sales and retention, money and accounting and streamlined consultations.

As of today, (2023), the salon tech world is a competitive space. You will be hard pressed to find a company working together for a common goal- client satisfaction.

The best hair salon tech offerings will rise to the top, while less savvy companies will sell to tech giants who can transform their platforms into money making machines.

Will my hair business be left behind if I don’t adapt to salon tech?

Some busy salons and independent hairstylists who are salon tech adverse will still thrive in the future. However, family-owned salons with limited hours that rely on in-person relationships to keep the team running may not be as impacted by salon tech as a large company that is on top of the latest trends.

Nevertheless, the problem lies in customers’ expectations when shunning salon tech. Clients are quickly getting used to booking appointments online based on availability.

It’s A LOT for a salon company to manage customers, contact for appointments, and keep everything straight without salon tech. Consequently, it is critical for salon businesses to adapt to at least one system to keep clients’ details and sales organized.

Why do salon tech companies not work together for solutions for salon owners?

Salon tech companies are not working together to improve life for salon owners for one reason- profit. Hair salon businesses crave all in one solutions- one platform to accomplish industry needs.

Greed, salon brand alignment (or corporate BS), and basic stupidity keep one salon tech company from working with another. There is a fair amount of back scratching and corporate alliance in the salon tech world.

The salon industry is a dirty game with “partnerships” and “referrals” galore. Sometimes we feel we are caught in one big corporate funnel with no good way to get out!

This prevents salon owners from fully benefiting from all salon tech and it’s offerings.

Online Booking Salon Technology

Searching for the best online booking technology? Read this blog to learn all about programs for salon businesses that have the best booking solutions.

Rosy salon software vs Boulevard vs Phorest vs everyone

Comparing Rosy salon software to Boulevard? Don’t limit your options when choosing an appointments system.

There are hundreds of online booking programs for any shape and size salon, out there! Read Capterra’s user reviews to make the most informed choice on any salon program.

Industry Leader in Hairstyling Tools

Hair tools is a competitive space with leaders who used to make vacuums like Dyson, jumping in to take over. Clients often come in and ask about tools like Spinstyle pro or Chi’s Spinstyle pro rotating curler.

Don’t limit yourself to whatever your hair salon sales rep tells you to buy. There are many versions of a Spinstyle pro, Dyson competitor for negative ionic blow dryer or whatever you are shopping for.

Always ask for discounts, bundle pricing and rewards programs when shopping for hair tools.

Don’t want to carry a bunch of hairstyling tools in the salon? Enroll in an salon tools affiliate program to save space on the shelf and get tools shipped directly to consumers.

salon affiliates
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Salon tech is here to stay. Consequently, adapting your hair salon business to better automation, systemization, and streamlined processes is the way to grow.

To begin, detail where you can save the most valuable time to understand which salon technology fits your specific needs. Additionally, don’t be afraid to try new things; most salon tech solutions are worth the hassle of appointments setup and customer marketing.

Keep yourself updated on the latest trends in our salon owner’s blog, and don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance through our contact page.

This blog was written by Susan Wos, salon industry pioneer for positive growth and salon connection!

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