Why Salon Professionals Choose Salon Suites: Understanding Why Hairstylists Leave Salons

Motivations Behind Why Salon Professionals Choose Salon Suites

In recent years, there has been a trend among salon professionals choosing to leave traditional salons in favor of salon studio suites. This shift is driven by various factors, understand Why Salon Professionals Choose Salon Suites.

Top reasons include a desire to escape drama, dissatisfaction with leadership and the quest for better pay. The longing for a sense of culture and identity, and the inability to find what they seek within their local salon community are also among the top motivators for suite rental. 

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind Why Salon Professionals Choose Salon Suites.  Gain a deeper understanding of why salon professionals are increasingly gravitating towards salon studio suites.

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Salon Suites for Rent Near Me: Escaping the Drama of Open Concept Salons

One significant reason salon professionals choose salon studio suites is to distance themselves from the drama! Issues that can arise in open concept salons are seemingly non existent in salon suites.

These professionals seek a more peaceful and focused work environment. Studio suites lack the distractions and conflicts that can sometimes occur in shared spaces.

Rationale for salon professionals preferring salon suites
Advantages of salon professionals selecting salon suites

Factors driving salon professionals to work in salon suites

Salon suite rental is often a goal for cosmetology students. Often they do not understand what is involved in renting a salon suite.

Provide an excellent work environment and retain ambitious hairstylists. Happy salon pros stay, unhappy pros leave.

Dissatisfaction with Salon Leadership and Lack of Opportunities

Poor leadership within salons often leads to frustration among salon professionals. When owners and managers struggle to effectively manage both people and the business, salon professionals may feel hindered in their ability to grow and pursue their own vision.

Satisfy the desire for greater independence and the opportunity to build! A desire to have their own business becomes a driving force for salon professionals seeking alternatives, such as salon suites.

Boost visibility for open positions in your salon, spa or barbershop.

Pursuit of Better Pay in a salon

Salon professionals perceive salon studio suites as offering the potential for better pay. This perception stems from the freedom and flexibility to set their own prices and keep a higher percentage of their earnings.

While the actual financial outcomes may vary, the draw of increased earning potential is motivating.  This desire pushes many salon professionals to make the leap.

Who is Your Salon and What Do You Stand For?

A strong brand identity and close connection to staff breeds loyalty.

Lack of Culture and Identity

Belongingness and alignment with workplace values are crucial for salon professionals. In some cases, salon owners fail to foster a strong sense of culture and identity within their salons.

This lack of connection can cause salon professionals to feel detached and disconnected. Salon studio suites, on the other hand, allow them to cultivate their own unique brand.

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Create a Salon people want to work in

When they can create a space that reflects their personal style and values, this is challenging! Salon owners should seek to allow for independent growth within a team work environment.

“Vibe” does not mean culture nor does it provide and identity. Homing in on your vision, who you are as a business is the first step.

Outlining who fits best is key to retaining salon staff in commission or booth rental businesses.

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Are You A Standout or Are You Like the Other Salons in Your City? 

Salon professionals may choose salon studio suites when they cannot find what they are looking for within their local salon community.

Unfulfilled Expectations in the Local Salon Community

Not finding a great salon can be due to limited opportunities for growth. This means a lack of suitable salon environments that align with their preferences, or the absence of like-minded professionals with whom they can collaborate and learn from.


The shift from traditional salons to salon studio suites among salon professionals is driven by a variety of factors. From escaping drama and seeking better leadership to pursuing greater financial independence, cultivating a unique identity, and unfulfilled expectations within the local salon community, these professionals are drawn to the benefits and opportunities that salon studio suites provide. By understanding their motivations, salon owners can adapt their practices to create more inclusive and fulfilling environments that meet the evolving needs of salon professionals.